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(image taken from Dirty and Glitter website)

Most women like to feel sexy, glamourous and hide away all the prep work that takes place behind closed doors. Unless there's something I don't know about, there's no woman on this earth born with a full face of makeup, chocolate scented skin and beautifully set hair. Getting ready for even a normal day out can take quite a while and it's those little luxuries that speed up all the hard work that make great presents. For those who remember, I introduced you to a brand Dirt and Glitter awhile back but unfortunately my post had been deleted. Therefore  I'm reintroducing one of the most beautiful little soap companies on the block. 

(image taken from website
Dirt and Glitter are a small London company that create custom designed soap. Unravelling the cliche of men who don't like to be clean, Dirt and Glitter have a mens and women's soap range, making them a perfect choice for valentines day gifts.

(image taken from website)

Some of my favourites on the website include this cute little lolly pop stick and the chocolate cupcake that I was sent to review a while back. All the products are within a student and bank card friendly price range - with some of the soaps starting from as little as £2.99.

Here is the chocolate cupcake soap i was sent several months ago. As you can see I still have the majority of the product left and I use this nearly everyday. The soap sells for £6.99 on the website and I would say I've had it at least 6 months, making this a £1 per month usage rate.  For anyone that loves chocolate, especially chocolate cupcakes, this is definitely the product for you. It looks great for those who collect soaps too. My auntie has one of the biggest collections of soaps I have ever seen and I can guarantee she would be totally jealous of this little marvel. 

Make sure you check out all the other products at http://www.dirtandglitter.co.uk/

Have you tried any Dirt and Glitter products?



  1. These look so yummy and cute! I haven't but I would love to!! x


  2. OMG they look so cute - I would possibly eat them though!

    Jen xx

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  4. They look amazing!


  5. Aww, LOVE the cupcake one. Looks amazing.


  6. Love these. Very unique...especially the gun. haha

    Jules of Canines & Couture


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