Nose Piercing: Round Two

When I was younger, I always wanted my nose pierced. At school, I always used to draw people's faces with nose studs in my spare time and when I started listening to rock music, I wanted it even more. I don't know why I've always liked them - maybe because their commonly associated with my favourite genre of music, or the fact that you can completely change your personality with the likes of one simple piercing. Whatever the reason behind my obsession, I decided last year to get it pierced...and I did. Unfortunately after a drunken night out with my friends, I woke up completely hungover and my nose ring had vanished. I quickly ran to the bathroom and tried my hardest to put in my spare stud, but it had completely healed. 

Time passed, university life took over and in all honesty, I completely forgot about my piercing. It wasn't until the other day that my friend told me how much she wanted hers doing. I kept saying how much I loved mine and how lots of my friends told me: "you have the type of nose that suits a piercing." 

After browsing through Facebook, I saw an offer at my local piercing store, The Bleeding Art Studio in Huddersfield saying 'bring a friend and both get half price piercings'. We both decided to go for it and looking back, I'm so glad I did. 

The first time I had my nose pierced it hurt like a bitch. Mainly because I had 'tough cartilage' and secondly because it wouldn't go through the first time. Second time it barely hurt at all. It always helps when the person doing your piercing makes you feel comfortable and she did exactly that. She told me when to close my eyes and when talked me through the process. I was so happy when it was done. Needless to say, my dad wasn't impressed. He's always hated piercings and the first time I had it done he wasn't too happy. A few days later however, he turned to me and said: "I can barely tell anymore, it looks like you've been born with that thing. Dare I say it? It kinda suits you." Absolute result!

Most of you will probably think why is she so enthusiastic about a nose stud? I just love how a simple piercing can change your look. One day you can look cute and innocent, the next day you can be that little bit edgy. The best thing about it -it's removable. I love tattoo's, but they're definitely not for me. Needles still scare me and I'm always changing my mind. Piercings can really exhibit certain parts of your personality, without looking too crazy. If you're bored, you can move on and get something else done. My nose piercing gives me confidence, I don't know why, but it does.

Do you have any piercings? What's your favourite?



  1. I'm so jealous, I love nose piercings but when I had mine done it really didn't suit me :( You look amazing, suits you so much! xx

  2. It looks great. I wish I had the guts to do it too.

  3. The nose piercing really suits you :)

    I've had my nose pierced since I was 16 (I'm 24 now) and I don't want to be without it! I had mine done with a gun which was quite painful and took a while to heal :)

    I had my eyebrow pierced when I was 15 and then again when I was 17 which I regret as I have two scars on my eyebrow but otherwise nothing else! xx

  4. Gorgeous, i keep meaning to get my nose done, i love them, but my dad would go absolutely mental, he went crazy when i got my ears done. I love ear piercings, so easy but different ones look so cool :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  5. You make me wanna pierce my nose again! aaah I wanna !
    Looking great

  6. I've had mine pierced since I was 18. I'm 23 now and I work in finance and I still have it. And it's a hoop!

  7. You must be comfortable in the environment and comfortable with your piercer before moving ahead with anything. If he or she attempts to rush you through the procedure without answering your questions or putting you at ease, do not continue.the world bes tattoos


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