Front Cover: True Colours

When I walk into my local Boots, I always see a selection of Front Cover makeup palettes and think to myself 'maybe I should buy one of those sometime'. For the last few months, I seem to have forgotten all about it, until I made contact with a lovely woman that offered to give me the 'True Colours' set to review. Obviously, having longed for a palette in the past, I couldn't turn the offer down and I'm so glad I have been able to trial the products. 

For those who are not acquainted with Front Cover cosmetics, the brand is based in the UK and offers a vast selection of catwalk trending makeup in stylish photographic boxes. The packaging resembles a magazine and when you open the cover, you are greeted with an array of pigmented colours to play around with and a style guide to help you achieve those perfect party looks. I definitely give top marks for the packaging as you could get a whole selection of boxes and they would look so pretty on a shelf next to each other. 

The True Colours set includes: Six Baked Power Eyeshadows, Five Satin Pressed Powder Eyeshadows, Five lip glosses  Two nail polish glazes, a double ended mascara, retractable lip brush, eye mini blender brush, eye shadow brush and creamy metallic eye pencil. All this for a bargain price of £25. The set also includes a booklet of makeup tutorials in several different languages, making these products versatile and friendly across all continents.  My favourite colours in the kit has to be the Parma Grey and Sterling, which combined give an amazing smokey eye effect. Another product that really grabbed my attention was the mascara. Admittedly, I didn't really expect much from a mascara included in a kit. I always use higher end products, but this worked better than one of my Chanel eye mascaras. 

At first I had lower expectations for these products, but after wearing them for the last few days, this is fast becoming one of my favourite everyday makeup palettes. The True Colours set literally has everything you need to make your face winter fresh and natural looking this Christmas. I don't want to be the next Barbie and I definitely don't long to look plastic. All I want for Christmas is natural beauty and this set is everything I look for when choosing my cosmetics. 

Have you tried the True Colours Palette?


  1. This is such a beautiful set. Front Cover always impress me however on a visit to my local boots store i failed to find any of there products. This is one to go on the wish list in the future :)

  2. I bought one of these a few years ago full of eye shadows and eye liner colours in lovely colours :) there great sets to buy for christmas presents as well :) xx

  3. I haven't heard of them but it looks lovely! I really like the packaging.

  4. What a pretty set and your make up looks fab girl.

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