Let's Go Lashes

I'm surprised I'm in such high spirits right now - maybe it's due to Christmas being round the corner, or the fact that I'm going late night shopping this evening. The last few weeks have been a nightmare with university work and there has been times I've literally been screaming. Below are just a few of the books I've had to read and reference, so if you have been wondering where I have been, i've probably had my head in one of these books at the library. 

My friends have always been the ones that would never leave for a night out without fake eyelashes. I never used to wear them and to be fair, I never really knew how to put them on. Recently, i've had somewhat of an addiction to lashes and each week, I'm gradually wearing them more and more. I love the way they make your eyes stand out and grab attention. I feel like they emphasis my blue puppy dog eyes and that I could bat them at my fiance and hopefully he will be seduced. Unfortunately he doesn't quite understand the relationship between a girl and her eyelashes and he doesn't see the point. From my perspective, they give me confidence when my eye lashes wont curl or do as they're told with mascara.

My recent eyelash endeavour has been the 'Let's Go' eyelashes. The packaging is bold and striking and there's a variety for you to choose from. I love the quirky names such as, Tease, Temptress, Flirt and HeartBreaker to name, but a few. There's lots of styles to choose from at the small price of £6.50. Whether you prefer big and bold, natural or quite daring, there's something to make your eyes flutter.

I decided to show you the 'Tease' eyelashes and I adore the tagline on the back of the packet:

"Seductive, intensive and ruthless. Want to transform your eyes into gorgeous smouldering man-magnets? Let's go girls"

As you can see, the lashes look dramatic, yet have a natural flair. You could wear them shopping or even for a fancy meal as they don't look over the top. Applying them was a little bit of a faff. The glue was not really to my liking, but once it was applied, they stayed on really well. I prefer eyelashes with clear glue, but if you don't like the one that's included, you can always buy a miniature bottle separate. 

So what do you think? Are you ready to buy some 'let's go' lashes?



  1. Love it! I've always been afraid of false lashes for fear of looking really unatural, but you look great!



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