Nail Inc for Glamour Magazine.

These last few weeks have been very hectic - I've travelled to four cities, had an abundance of university assignments, worked two part-time jobs and helped organise an event that took place in London last week. It's safe to say, i'm exhausted. This week is supposed to be my week off, but instead I've been generously giving up my time to do even more work and lots of writing. I apologise if my blogging has been close to none-existant lately, but I'm happy to say I'm now back on track.

On the plus side, last week I was quoted in Merseyside's number one magazine 'Lifestyle Monthly'. The quote came from my review of Liverpool Fashion Week which I attended a few weeks ago. It's great to see more of my writing in print and it's an honour to have my blog printed. 

Now back to the beauty reviews. This week I was going through my Nail Inc collection and I thought I'd introduce you to Glamour magazine's latest freebies.

Everyone has a guilty pleasure, something they can't live without and can't stop buying.Whenever I see a magazine that has a free Nail Inc polish, I quickly grab it and make my way promptly to the till. I'm very patriotic and I love England's capital, so having a collection of nail polishes named after different areas London is slowly becoming an addiction. Nail Inc polishes are of high quality and seem to last me a long time, compared to cheaper brands. Admittedly, they do chip a little earlier than I'd expect, but the colours are so beautiful and they add a lovely glossy effect to your nails.

Glamour magazine currently has several Nail Inc freebies you can collect. The retail price of the Nail Inc polishes are approximately £13 each and Glamour magazine is only £2 - so you're saving over £10 and you get a free magazine. 

I decided to choose Elizabeth Street and Glamour Glitter. Elizabeth Street is very natural and will go with any outfit, whilst Glamour Glitter makes the perfect glittery topcoat and is great for the winter Season. 

Have you bought Glamour this month?


  1. I bought 3 copies, for all the polishes except the glitter!

    Sophierosehearts x

  2. I really love the gold one. Thanks for letting me know about this!

    Beauty Fiends Blog

  3. I got Motcombe street with my copy! Glamour Street looks good too!


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