My Diet Pill Experiment - 4321 Shape Up Capsules.

My body confidence varies from day to day. Sometimes I wake up and I feel proud that I've lost a substantial amount of weight and then there's some days that I look at my jelly belly and thunder thighs and think I could do with a helping hand. I'm lucky that I've always had a petite frame - when I was slightly chunkier, my belly seemed to go outwards rather than making my body broader and now, my frame acts like an illusion, making my body seem smaller due to my height and shoulders. From losing weight I have discovered that whatever size you are, there's always something to criticise and unless you accept yourself for who you are, paranoia will always consume you.

I've never been one to follow fad diets - I like carbs too much to go on the Atkins diet and as much as I love soups, I don't think liquid diets are for me either. Going to the gym and eating healthy has always been my approach, but I've always wondered if there are any miracle makers on the market? So, my for my blog research I decided to look into the wonders of 'diet pills'. Firstly, these are diet pills that can be bought from Holland and Barratts or health food stores - please avoid pills that are plastered over the internet in silly none-trusted scam sites. Also, please check with a dietician to make sure you're using them with a correctly balanced diet and I don't really recommend using them if you're a teenager - life is too short to be worrying over diet pills!

The 4321 Shape Up Day & Night capsules are formulated to work with the body's metabolism, promoting 'round the clock' slimming. They cost £11.59 for 30 capsules and are available from Holland & Barrett stores nationwide.

The tablet pack consists of two capsules, one for the morning and one for the evening - both formulated to work with your bodies metabolism at that time of day.

Take one ivory capsule at breakfast with a large glass of water.
Take one brown capsule during dinner with a large glass of water.

The 4321 Shade Up Day capsules help energise and purify the body whilst helping speed up the metabolism. As you can see, the capsules include active ingredients such as Green Tea extract, Fennel Powder and Kola Seed power. After a few days of taking these tablets, I felt wide awake and rather active. The tablets definitely succeeded in giving me a daily energy kick and I had no weird feelings in my belly or silly headaches that I anticipated happening whilst taking slimming tablets. It felt strangely natural. 

The 4321 Evening tablets also worked really well. Instead of using more active ingredients, it included: Lemon Balm Extracts to soothe you into a restful evening, whilst delivering sufficient nutrients to keep your body working. I had several good night sleeps after taking the evening pill, although the exercise I was doing could have also worn me out. 

Overall result:
Taking the 4321 slimming tablets was a great chance to see what all the fuss is about in the dieting industry. I had lost a few pounds, but due to my active lifestyle I'm unsure whether I can really credit this to these tablets and I did not last the full course, due to being really forgetful. However, they made a huge difference to my energy levels and I could see these working fabulously if I was to stick to them properly, eat healthy and lead a balanced lifestyle. Slimming tablets are not really for me as I'm very forgetful and can rarely remember to take antibiotics when needed, never mind something  that is simply for weight loss, but if I ever got to the point where I needed an extra boost, I may be tempted to try them again. After all, diets are subjective - different methods work for different individuals and just because these tablets worked for me, they may not work for others. Seeing as these are natural based tablets, it's really worth giving them a go if you're at a lose end, as there's nothing to lose.

For now, I think I'll stick with my slightly under-toned belly and live for the future. Life is too short to be worrying about your weight and as long as i'm healthy, it should be all that matters. 

Have you ever tried diet pills?



  1. I've never tried diet pills. I aim to go for eating better and working out more, though it can be really tough. But I think you're right - no matter what size we are, we can always find something to criticize. It's all about finding confidence within ourselves.

  2. I tried some from Holland and Barretts but it was Adios that I tried. But like you I kept on forgetting so just ended up stopping. Your right, we should just live life as it comes as it is short :)


  3. You Definitely don't have thunder thighs! What I would do to have your figure!
    x x x Daisy May

  4. Just stumbled on your post. You look lovely and definitely don't need any diet pills. In reality they don't work. Just remember that if diet pills worked no one in America would be fat.....


  5. Aww i love your comment at the end of this post, super cute!

  6. I definitely think you don't need to lose weight sweety, we have the same body type! :P

    I found your blog on FBL bloggers, so I'm following you now. I hope you follow back as well. ;)

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