Clarins Essential Hydration

The winter weather is settling in the neighbourhoods and the cold harsh frosty atmosphere has began leaving most people anxious about their skin. I'm one of these people. My skin suffers from extremely dry patches during the colder weather and with all the dry, flaky skin, I end up looking rather like a snow ball than a snow queen.

I was shopping in my local town a few days ago and the dreaded blistery feeling started to arrive. During the summer, I'm incredibly lucky as I have perfectly normal skin with no spots. During the winter, I look run down and my face tends to hurt.

Having noticed the signs, I walked to my local Clarins counter and asked about their skin creams. The wonderful woman directed me to their new Clarins Hydraquench Christmas gift set. The set came with three items for £33 - a saving of just above £26 if bought alone. I leaped at the offer and arrived home eagerly wanting to try it.

The gift set is primarily for dry skin and includes: a Hydraquench Cream Mask, Hydraquench Cream and a multi-hydratant serum. The products have a truly classic Clarins design making them a timeless product for your beauty cabinet.

The HydraQuench Mask

The HydraQuench mask is exactly what it says on the container - a hydrating mask that you leave on for approximately 5 - 10 minutes to leave your skin feeling wonderfully mositurised. The product is light and works like a treat. The woman at the counter told me that she leaves the mask on all evening sometimes and wakes up feeling soft and refreshed, but i'm yet to try this method.

The HydraQuench Cream
I've always been one of those people that buys skin care product and never use them properly, but having woken up and used this everyday, I have noticed my skin is definitely reaping in the benefits. My skin is looking soft and almost glowing in the winter weather and even without makeup, I finally feel comfortable.

HydraQuench Serum

According to my Clarins advisor, you should apply the serum then apply the mosituriser. The serum soaks up any excess dry skin and the cream then works it's magic on the rest. I love the serum, it glides gently on my skin with little effort and soaks up instantly. It feels light as a feather and I feel far from clogged up - something that generally happens when I use cheaper brands such as Nivea...not that I'm against them products, they just don't agree with my skin type.

As a loyal Clarins customer, I've often been rewarded with mini-treats to take home when I've purchased something. This time they have given me the Blue Orchid Treatment Oil. I still haven't used this, but none of my Clarins products have failed me yet.

Finally, my little makeup bag was turned into one of my various 'sample' bags. I get far too many samples from magazines, shops and sometimes the press, so this bag contains some of my mini products. I will be introducing you to them very soon!

What have you bought lately? Are you a Clarins fan?



  1. I am a huge clarins fan! I only ever use their skin apparently and have a facial there once a month. I use all their hydra quench products - they have recently re-launched the line hence the promotional stuff right now lol. I use the extra comfort cleanser then the hydra quench serum and moisturiser as I found out I am allergic to toner! The blue orchid oil is great for slots if you apply it to the, at night before bed - or you can apply it as a bit of a mask too - but it is messy! Lol

    Jenni x

  2. I am the same way with my skin as the weather gets colder. I haven't tried anything from Clarin's actually, but I should!

  3. I have never tried clarin's before and after this post I really want to try the products especially the mask!!
    I'm a new follower


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