A 'Cutey' Piece of Jewelry

Move over Pandora...well maybe a little. Cutey are a small company that started in 2011 and have recently launched a new set of elegantly crafted charm bracelets. At £12.99 upwards, these adorable pieces of arm candy have a price tag and quality to rival the up market Pandora bracelets. 

This Typhon bracelet is quirky and fun, with a handbag to channel your femininity. I love the distinct emerald colours clashed against the unexpected subtle pinks and yellows. For those who love a splash of colour, this will definitely suit your mood.

I know what you're thinking - low cost bracelet, cheap quality? This definitely doesn't apply to this Cutey. With 16 thousand followers on Facebook, the brand must be doing something right. The chain is sturdy and shiny, whilst the beads sparkle and so far have been very chip resistant. I have worn these bracelets ever since they arrived and I've had lots of fabulous comments.

This second bracelet is called Aether. According to the website: ' In mythology, Aether was the God of the upper heaven, the sky, the lightest of all air'.  The pinks in this bracelet are a representation of heavens angels and the joys that life brings us.

My favourite charm of them all is the duck from the Aether bracelet. It really does live up to the brand name 'Cutey'. The little points and the way the beak is formed really shows how much care is gone into the product and the charms.

Cutey charm  bracelets can be purchased from http://www.cutey.co.uk/bracelets/charm-bracelets

What do you think of them?


  1. This looks so cute and a great price too!

  2. This is really cute, although I've never got into the coloured stones I really like the chain! Looks dainty and cute.
    Erica xo



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