Monday Nails

I've seen so many blogs talk about Nubar nails, but it wasn't until recently that I had the pleasure of trying them for myself. I was kindly sent: a base coat, top coat, Purple Mania and Purple Crazy from the new Tropical range to review and overall, I'm impressed by these £8.49 nail polishes. 

The base coat and top coat dries really quick and great for if you're in a hurry. When taking my nail polish off, I've noticed there's been no stains and when I've applied the top coat, my nails have looked really glossy. The packaging is quite cute and perfect for your handbag.

So far I've only tested one colour and that happens to be the Purple Mania. This is the brightest colour of the two and fits my personality down to a tee. I'm a lover of barbie pink, deep purples and products that dry rather quickly - these nail polishes did not disappoint. The colour is bold and bright, everything you would want for statement nails, but it does have a tendency to chip quite easily. I'm unsure whether this is due to my nails being quite brittle and the fact that I have a part-time job cleaning, so I'm exposed to chemicals or that its due to the nail polish. However, for approximately £8 a polish that gives you a really decent colour, you can't complain much.

You can purchase Nubar nail polish from

Have you tried Nubar nail polish? What do you think?



  1. Really beautiful, kisses, Alina

  2. love the colors!!! (L) lovely blog ;)

  3. oh sorry ... i love the color ♥

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