Lush Emotional Brilliance

Lush have recently brought out their new Emotional Brilliance range and after being a fan of their soaps and bath bombs for quite awhile, I couldn't wait to try their cosmetics. The range includes liquid lipsticks, eyeliners and eyeshadows and is fast becoming a big hit amongst bloggers. The products I was sent to trial have given me mixed opinions - I'm in love with the lipsticks, but really can't stand the liquid eyeliner. As I always stress, you really have to try these products for yourself before taking my word for it, but hopefully this review will shed some light on the products.

Glamorous and Confident are two of Lush's new lipsticks and I rather like them.  Glamorous is my favourite colour as I have an obsession with pink and it reminds me of barbie, but confident is a shade I wouldn't usually pick and I seem to have grown fond of it.  The products are £14.50, which I think is a little steep, but I do think they have a great quality to them.

Here's a picture of the 'Glamorous Liquid Lipstick'. I like how effortlessly the product glides on and how the little brush easily givens your lips the definition needed. The colour is highly pigmented, which is great for those feeling adventurous and wanting to step out of their natural shade comfort zone. The lipsticks can also be used as liquid blushers and other makeup, making this incredibly versatile and value for money.

And here's the 'Confident Lipstick'....

I think unfortunately it's a little too dark for my complex, but I love the gothic look - which will be great over the winter.

And finally, this is the eyeliner in the shade of 'Dynamic'. Although the colour may suit other people, it didn't really suit me and I'm not too fond of the brush. It feels like too flimsy and I'm struggling to get an even line. I'm definitely going to try this again to see if I could get used to playing around with it, but so far,  unfortunately it's not for me.



  1. omg the packaging is amazing i thought they were polishes!!!!

  2. When I saw the thumbnail, I was wondering what those were because I couldn't figure out what is was from Lush. Very interesting packaging!

  3. I love the first make-up! the lips are so cute! Thanks for your sweet comment, I'm following!

  4. Love the lush items! Now following :)

  5. WOW I didn't realize these are lipsticks when I first looked at them!
    I love the pink one :)
    Amy x


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