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The weather in England resembles the season of winter rather than summer and everybody's dreaming of their future sunny getaway.  I've always been naturally pale, resembling a milk bottle rather than the beautiful sun kissed tan I desire, but due to my fear of turning orange, I have generally backed away from using fake tan. Since being ill earlier this year, I've longed to look and feel healthy and therefore I have surrendered to a product known as 'Trinitia Fake Tan' and I'm not turning back.

Trinitia fake tan was founded in 2007 and has become one of the leading suppliers in the tanning industry. They have recently sponsored Essex Fashion Week with their amazing mousses and moisturisers. The products are made from natural ingredients, containing no Alcohol, no Parabens and the products are not tested on animals, making the tans completely guilt free. The reason I love these products are because they lack the biscuit scent most fake tans have, they don't test on animals which is great for a vegetarian like me and it glides on leaving a natural sun kissed finish.

The tan comes in two forms: One being a moisturiser and the second being an instant mousse fake tan.  Having used St Moritz in the past, I decided to go for the mousse so i could compare and I've fallen in love with this product. To use the mousse, you simply shake the bottle and with a tanning mitt, you can apply the tan easily over your body. The formula dries instantly, meaning you can be ready for those nights out a lot faster than anticipated.

This is what I looked like before and after the fake tan and you can see a huge difference. The images have not been photoshopped as I really don't believe in this and I always maintain that my blog will promote healthy body image. I'm a size 8 and do have a few stretch marks from losing weight, but we all secretly have them. My skin looked incredibly pale before and the fake tan has added a youthful glow and has made me feel a little bit healthier in my own skin. Having a tan isn't all about looking like the stars of the latest reality television, it can really boost your confidence and in fact, it can also make you appear slimmer. There's 3 shades to choose from, so there's a shade for everyone.

I cannot recommend the Trinitia fake tan enough. At £15 a bottle you are paying for excellence and you will have a cheeky smile knowing that you haven't had to use a sun bed to look this natural.

Check it out here:

Have you tried these products? What do you think?

photographs were used for demonstration purposes, not to exhibit myself on the blog. Any negative comments about my weight will be removed instantly.


  1. Nice outfit :) love every piece you have, especially the shoes :)Would love to try fake tan but i'm dark enough as it is

    - Che

  2. Nice post!
    the fake tan looks so natural, cant even tell it's fake if you havent post a before and after pic!
    sounds like a great product!

  3. I dont fake tan but yours looks so natural, you could pass for an olive skin tone with ti! :)x

  4. nice product. i like how it doesn't look too fake; it just gives you this natural shade.

  5. You look so pretty & polished in your pic! LOVE that navy dress! I also really appreciate how you promote having a healthy body image- the world needs more of that!

    xx Louise

  6. Perhaps I should once try!
    You wear a lovely outfit dear!

    Don't forget to join my amazing giveway, you can win a beautiful clutch!

    Love, Nura from 'World Of Fashion Inspiration'

  7. Both of those dresses are gorgeous!!

    That tan looks really good. I wouldnt have noticed you had fake tan on if it wasnt for the before and after pics! Definitely not a fan of the 'tangoed' look! xx

  8. Hey there! Thanks so much for leaving a comment on my blog :) Loving that black leather jacket btw!

  9. Love the navy flirty dress on you


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