Love Rocks Giftset

I've always been a fan of bath bombs, but unfortunately I don't have a Lush in my home town and it can often be quite expensive, worth it, but pricey. When I came across this beautiful retro inspired bath set on the website 'find me a gift', I couldn't wait to try it.  The box encompasses everything I look for: girly, fun, exciting packaging, full of pink assortments and affordable on a student budget.

The box is neatly wrapped with a tag explaining about each product. As you can see, there's a vast variety of products for those who love to soak in strawberries or indulge in a chocolate scented massage bar.

The products were neatly bundled in a hay like packaging, giving a natural feel to the soaps and bath blasters. For one moment, it took me back to my childhood unravelling nests for chocolate easter eggs, but instead I was looking for bathing products. 

I haven't had chance to try all the products yet, but here's what is on offer in the Love Rocks Giftset. The above photograph is of the love rocks Chocolate Therapy Massage bar and the Crazy Cupid Soap - both smell like a piece of heaven. If you're a fan of strawberries, creams and chocolate, you will love these.

Here's the crazy after dark blaster, the Strawberries and Dreams bath brulee and the sugar bath blaster.

I couldn't help but take another photograph of this product. It looks good enough to eat and exhibits so much attention to detail.

This is the smallest product in the set, the Hearts Desire Bath Creamer. I love the heart detail and it's the perfect size to save for your travel bag. Imagine a hotel bathtub with the scent of strawberry and cream, whilst getting ready for a night out - it would definitely be a relaxing treat.

These last two products are the 'Sink in the Pink' bath blaster and the 'Big Luvva' bath blaster, both of which are the biggest products in the box. To give you an example of the products, I decided to use a tiny piece of the 'Big Luvva' in my bathroom sink.

The water turned Barbie pink and felt incredibly creamy against my skin. After a few minutes of resting my hands, I feel a noticeable softness. 

The Love Rocks Giftset is available at Find Me A Gift for only £14.99. In total you receive 8 products, so you're paying less than £2 per product - total bargain. This would make an ideal gift for any woman and I would definitely buy this again.

What do you think of the giftset? Have you tried it before?



  1. That looks really great. It probably smells great too.

    Love Storm

  2. love in a boxx!! i love it lol

  3. Hearts Desire immediately caught my eye. I don't think I've ever seen that one before.

    Oh and who doesn't want Barbie pink bath water?! Crazy people. That's who. Big Luvva looks divine.

    I wish a had a little cash to spare!


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