Festival Fashion - What will you be wearing?

It's 9 days until my favourite weekend of the year - Download Festival and words can't describe how excited I am. This week I will probably be starting my packing and yet again, I will begin the tremendous battle between my wardrobe and suitcase when deciding what to wear.

Here are a few of my current ideas:

Unleashing the Inner Rock Chick

Festivals are probably one of the best times to experiment with your style. In this photo, I'm channeling my inner rock chick. Here I am wearing my River Island leather jacket, Karen Millen silk top, a studded belt and some wet look leggings.

Festivals are a great time to exhibit all those band t shirts that have been residing in your the bottom of your cupboard - well, that's what happens to mine. I tend to go band shirt crazy when I go to festivals and buy lots of them, but most of the time they tend to be wardrobe souvenirs. In this picture I'm wearing my Aerosmith t-shirt from when I saw them last year, my River Island shorts and my studded belt again.

Preppy 70s
And finally, with all them retro bands playing, may be you want to transport yourself to the 70s bohemian trend.You can't go wrong with a pair of staple denim shorts and this lovely top from River Island.

Just remember to follow these key points:

Keep it light weight - your going to be in and out of busy crowds and it's bound to get warm.

Take a jumper and waterproofs - It may get cold on a night and there is a slight chance you could get soaked in a random downpour.

Cheap is Chic - Don't go to a festival wearing incredibly expensive clothes - your likely to damage them and/or get them covered in mud. Opt for some cool inexpensive items.

And finally remember...

Whatever your style, wear it with confidence.

Festivals are about having fun, not worrying about how you look. 




  1. Denim shorts are the best because they still look good even when they're a bit mucky! The third outfit it so cute! x

  2. I always buy band shirts but they basically stay in my closet unless I'm wearing them as pajamas. And I lovvve that River Island top!

  3. Love your 70's hippy outfit!

  4. i like your first outfit! = )

    kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

  5. These are great tips! I love the first and the third outfits!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  6. Oh like your ideas! Can't wait till festival season starts! xo

  7. Love the first and second outfit. Those shorts in the 'Grunge' are awesome! I need to sort my outfits out too! eep.x

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