Sunday Summary

My straight hair.
This week has been full with the hustle and bustle of presentation preparation and deadlines, but I've made it and it's finally the holidays. I've made lots of little discoveries this week, about myself, my blog and new products. Here's a tiny little summary of my week.

1.) I've been embracing my natural hair this week. The straighteners have been temporarily banished and my hair is feeling lots better because of it.

I'm embracing my natural hair

2) Speaking of hair, this little product has become my newest obsession.

This is the Alterna  - Cavair Anti- Aging Rapid Repair Spray.

It smells absolutely gorgeous, protects your hair from the sun and gives your hair the boost it needs on a bad day. I have to say, it works incredibly well and I'm obsessed with using it.

My partners foot clearly wanted some attention..
4) I need to save my money 

I also learnt this week, that I'm pretty bad at saving my money. Oh why do shops tease me with their amazing offers and then send me little notes in the form of emails,offering me free delivery! In the above picture, is one of my latest purchases from Boots. Six beautiful fragrances from the Boots Natural Collection for under £4 - I'm impressed.

All Over Body Spray Scents

Apple and Lime
Ice Musk 
Wild Strawberry
Samphire and Sea Minerals
Mango and Papaya

They last quite a long time and smell divine. My favourite has to be the Wild Strawberry or the Mango and Papaya, because those are some of my favourite fruit. The pit fall of these products would be the fact that they can come across as a little bit too sweetly scented, but overall they are great.

This week has been a pretty good week and despite having several disasters with my alarm clock this morning, the weekend has ended well.

Hope your all having a brilliant time this weekend.


By the way, I'll be doing a blog giveaway relatively soon so keep checking back!



  1. Ooo you have worked out the caviar stuff?! It's funny i love the smell of it, but it doesn't seem to do anything to my hair...=/. Your natural hair looks lovely btw, i love the lil' kinks=] xx

  2. I think your natural hair looks fantastic. I have been trying to go natural with my hair as well.. Much better for it and easier in the long run. Have you ever tried rinsing with cinnamon water? You boil about four cinnamon sticks for thirty minutes and then let it cool and pour on your head. Sounds weird but I don't dye my hair and it gives it a nice natural tint/shine :)

  3. You're so lucky that your hair looks that good naturally! I love the caviar too, its amazing what a little spritz does! x

  4. your hair is amazing naturally!!!! it looks good straight too, but i love it natural! :)

  5. Those Boots body sprays are amazing! And your natural hair looks amazing, you should keep it like that more often, and I'm sure your hair will appreciate it too! lots of love from your follower, Veena <3

  6. I think your natural hair looks beautiful. xxx

  7. those body sprays sounds really nice. i misplaced my hair straightener months ago which is probably a blessing for my hair but now im much better at blow drying it haha so not much has changed I imagine

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  8. That Alterna spray sounds GREAT!!

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