How to deal with first time buyers anxiety

Buying a house is a life-changing decision and although for the most part, it is exciting, it can also be very overwhelming and incredibly daunting. However prepared you are, there's always going to be moments where you doubt yourself and when you're buying a house, you're constantly leaping from one obstacle to another until the final documents are signed. From saving the deposit to weighing up fees, it can be a lot of pressure and it takes a lot of true 'adulting' to get through it.

After twelve months of saving like crazy and being total recluses, my husband and I have finally reached the point where we are ready to buy a house. We have been to the bank and got 'our mortgage in principle' and the wheels are now in motion with the house we are looking to buy.  It has been a few months of leaps and hurdles with worrying about saving enough cash to wondering whether everything will fall through at last minute, we really have been through the motions of 'first-time buyers' anxiety and we're only inches into the process.

Anxiety is nothing to be afraid of speaking about and when you're dealing with such a big decision and parting with a lot of money, it is completely normal. However, it is not spoken about as much as it should be. Today I thought I would share with you the emotions that I have been feeling during the preliminary stages of buying a house and a few tips on how to make things easier. 

Talk to other people around you

If you're feeling concerned or worried, talk to those around you who have recently bought a house or own their home. My friends and family have been incredibly supportive and given me so much advice from their experiences that I wouldn't have been able to find out via Google. 

Believe in yourself

It's easier said than done, but try to believe in yourself and tell yourself you can do this. If someone said to me that I would be able to go from having zero savings to a house deposit in a year, I would have laughed at them, but we did it.

Stay organised

Whether it is saving the deposit or trying to organise bank appointments, try to keep on top of your workload by writing to do to lists and checking each one off at a time. Always make sure you have printouts of where you are financially and keep a check on your records.

Focus on what is important

Everyone has different circumstances when it comes to buying a house and different things they are looking for when buying their dream home. Always focus on what is important to you and follow your gut feeling.

Don't let the fear jeopardise your excitement

A few weeks ago I said to a friend that I was anxious about starting the buying process and she turned around and said 'it should be one of the most exciting times of your life' and she was right.  Buying a house will always be stressful, but you should always focus on the excitement too - after all you're buying your dream home and starting a new future for yourself.

What are your tips for nervous first-time buyers?


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