Four ways to give your home a luxury hotel vibe

When I walk into a hotel room, the first thing that often pops into my head is 'I wish I had a room like this at home." Hotel rooms are designed with comfort and luxury in mind to allow the visitor to escape from their troubles and have a nice and relaxing stay at their new home from home. Luxury boutique hotels focus heavily simple, yet unique interior design pieces so you will look back on your visit and remember the hotel fondly.  

Although luxury hotels may have a hefty price tag, you don't need to spend that much money to recreate the look at home. Incorporating a few new accessories into your interior design will help you get that 'boutique hotel vibe' on a budget.

Add Pillows and throws

To give your home a luxury hotel vibe, accessorise with pillows and throws to add texture and create a cosy, comfortable feel. You can experiment by adding pillows with different prints on them to give each room character.

Give your room a detox

When you're at home it is very easy to for rooms to get cluttered and for us to throw things in different corners and hoard items we no longer need. Give your room a detox and get rid of the items you no longer use so that you're able to create sleek, minimalist surroundings.

Freshen the room with candles

Hotel rooms are cleaned on a daily basis, therefore they always smell and feel fresh. To give your room that 'just cleaned' feeling, opt for candles or room diffusers that will fill the room with fragrance. Voluspa candles are used in hotel rooms worldwide and are known for their powerful scents. This Amarantha and Jasmine candle from Amara smells floral fresh and exotic and would be the perfect addition to any home.

Look for statement pieces

To add character to each of your rooms, look for statement pieces to brighten up corners of the room that look overly spacious or empty shelves that could do with a bit of attention. You can do this by looking for antiques, recycling old furniture to give them a new lease of life, adding different ornaments or by adding flowers. One of my favourite new household items is this Cote Noire faux flower ornament, again from Amara. This particular ornament has a really luxurious look with gold detailing on the front and glossy black vase. Not only does it look good, but it also smells fantastic too as it comes with two little bottles of perfume to freshen up the flowers.

What would you do to recreate your favourite hotel room?

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  1. When you want to buy anything for the first time you are always confused. People reviews can help you a lot. But you have to take the decision yourself.

  2. I'm a big fan of the luxury hotel vibe! Where is the pot containing your lilies from? (wasn't sure if it was from Amara too?) It's a beaut! x


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