Twiggy for Marks and Spencer Review

Marks and Spencer has been a clothes store that I have admired for a very long time and when they recently contacted me to write a blog post about their latest Twiggy collection, I was really excited. I really admire M&S because they started out in Leeds and throughout the years they have never really lost touch of their northern roots - they are proud to be from Yorkshire and are one of the many things that helped put Leeds on the fashion map. Secondly, their St Michaels clothing is my favourite vintage brand to collect - throughout the decades M&S have always been at the forefront of British fashion and have been seen as pioneers throughout different trends and thirdly, growing up Twiggy was one of my icons, even though I was born several decades later than her heyday. My parents always listened to 60s music when I was small, which inevitably led me to research more about the era and the fashion. Twiggy was a global phenomenon in the 60s with her waife like figure, long lashes and short cut bob and even now, she's still in the limelight, but much more behind the scenes than walking the catwalk.

The M&S spring Twiggy collection is the fashion icons 15th collection with the brand and 30% of the proceeds from the collection will go to the charity Fashion Targets Breast Cancer. Although Twiggy's collection is aimed at the more mature market, a few bloggers like myself were given the opportunity to try out a few clothes and address its appeal to the younger demographic. To see what all the fuss is about in the latest Twiggy collection we were also invited to a catwalk show in Leeds showcasing the clothes and even got to meet Twiggy herself - who was the most down to earth, humble celebrity I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

Twiggy's latest collection is based around of one of her favourite eras, the 70s. It features heavily around the use of bold colours, bohemian prints and floating fabrics, all of which have been given a trendy, modern day overhaul. One of my favourite pieces from the collection is the floral print jacket that I'm wearing in the main image of this blog post. It is a really versatile jacket that can be dressed up or down and worn to various occasions, easily adding a splash of colour to your wardrobe without being too bold. The jacket is a medium texture and weight making it perfect for the typically British weather that is always changing. Although primarily made for spring, it can be easily worn all year round.

A few of my other favourite pieces from the new collection includes this beautiful pure cotton cutwork dress which is really sophisticated and perfect for the summer, the lightweight cotton shirt that would look great with a pair any pair of jeans and the boyfriend shirt with lace on the side which is trendy and casual, but could also be dressed up with a black pair of jeans and heels for cocktails or a meal with friends. With summer fast approaching and many of us looking to book holidays, I have also included these two pairs of trendy sandals, both of which are in the collection.

Do you shop at M&S for clothes?

*Collaborative post with M&S


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