How to Style Vintage Clothing

My favourite memories growing up were raiding my grandmas wardrobe. She had impeccable fashion taste and dressed everyday as though she was going to the theatre. She rarely left the house without her faux fur jacket and pearl earrings and her dresses always looked tailored. As a child, I would spend hours looking through the rails and donning myself with all her costume jewellery.  It was those precious memories combined with my parents listening to non-stop 60s music that made me fall in love with vintage clothing. I love how clothes were much more vibrant fifty years ago, they had a lot of personality and these days these outfits hold memories that we can only dream about it.

I own quite a few pieces of vintage clothing, but it's not that obvious that I do. I style them very well so that they look rather modern and can still fit in with today's trends. I'm also very selective about the items I do buy as I'm working on building a capsule wardrobe that can stand the test of time and not get outdated really quickly. There's nothing worse than sending a piece of vintage clothing back to the depths of the wardrobe - these clothes should be celebrated. If you have pondered over buying vintage and have no idea where to start, I thought I would put together my own little guide below on how to incorporate vintage clothing into your wardrobe without looking drab and dowdy.

Less is more

When it comes to vintage clothing, less is definitely more. Purchase clothes that give a nod to the past without being blatantly obvious. There's a lot of trends that have developed from previous fashion lines, but there's also one or two fashion faux pas that could do with being stuck in the past. If you're just starting out with vintage, don't leap straight into the shoulder pads and frills.

Opt for timeless pieces

These days we live in such a throwaway culture where clothes are readily available on the high street and can easily be replaced once we get bored.  In the past clothes were made to last as people didn't have as much disposable income, therefore many of the designs are rather classic and timeless. To keep your wardrobe stylish, but not have it bursting at the seams, invest in key pieces from the decades that you know fashion will always copy. For example, the 80s peplum which keeps coming back into fashion and the 40s utility dress which is always popular in the autumn months.

Mix old with new

If you're not quite ready to leap straight into another decade,  try mixing vintage pieces with brand new pieces from the high street. Consider buying vintage jackets that would look good with jeans and some ankle boots or adopt for a patterned shirt that can be tucked into a high waisted skirt.

Style with designer accessorises

To add a bit more luxe to your new outfit, style your vintage finds with designer accessorises.  If I'm wearing vintage I always accessorise with a statement watch, handbag or necklace and if you're feeling brave, try adding some statement earrings. Websites such as Xupes specialise in preloved designer items, you can purse anything from pre owned Rolex to second hand vintage watches. They also sell a large variety of pre loved handbags and jewellery.

Do you own any vintage clothing?


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