Discovering Brighton

Brighton has always been on my UK bucket list and although I would have preferred to go in the summer when I could eat ice-cream on the beach and dip my toes in the sea while the sun is shining, I finally got to visit last week due to unforeseen circumstances. It was a 10 hour combined journey travelling just over 5 hours each way, but it was worth it to walk along the pebbled beach and breathe in the sea air. Brighton looked slightly abandoned in the winter, like the city has lost a bit of it's spark, but the buildings, the shops and the wonderful street art still retained some of its charm.

For those who are unfamiliar with the city, Brighton is a seaside resort on the south coast of England and it is just an hour away from London by train making it extremely popular with tourists during the summer. It is known as one of the foodie cities in Britain and has many accolades such as being dubbed 'Vegetarian Capital of the UK'.  Brighton also has a lot of history dating back to the bronze age and the famous Brighton Pier is over 100 years old. One of my favourite buildings in Brighton is the Royal Pavilion pictured above, which is nicknamed the English Taj Mahal for its Indian inspired architecture.

We only had a few hours in Brighton so our visit was rather brief. To begin with we headed straight to the sea front for a walk on the beach and then worked our way inwards towards to Royal Pavilion and shopping areas. What impressed me about Brighton was its diverse collection of shops, it had pretty much everything from high-end to high-street. If you love vintage and antique stores and browsing independent boutiques, you must head to the Lanes. There's one of many wonderful 1940s inspired vintage cafes called 'That Little Tea Shop' where you can grab a decent sized scone and a lovely cup of tea for an affordable price.

Brighton is definitely a city I want to explore more and hopefully I will be able to return during the summer. For those looking for somewhere with character that has all the traditional aspects of a British seaside resort, yet caters for the modern city goer who goes out of the way for a weekend of shopping, then look no further.

Have you been to Brighton before?


  1. I went in that same tea shop when I went to Brighton in October of last year. I've only been to Brighton in the Winter months and it was quieter last year than the previous. I would definitely like to travel back down in the Summer and see the difference. Everything was open in October 2015, but it was shut 0ctober 2016. It's still got it's Brighton charm and character though :)

    - Kate xx
    A British Sparkle

  2. Ive only ever been to Brighton once, for the day, and it was YEARS ago - but I loved it and definitely hope to return at some point for a little while longer! I love seaside towns in the winter though, when they are a bit quieter :D

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