Reasons to Visit Food Markets While Travelling

In the UK we have many food markets, especially in some of the larger cities, but the vast majority of people rely heavily on supermarkets for convenience, meaning the humble food market isn't celebrated here as much as they are in other countries. Food markets abroad are busy and bustling and everyday people rush to them to get their local produce, they are much bigger than in the UK and much more part of the community. 

When I was in Thailand, I experienced my first 'night market' where local people would gather to shop and listen to music and take part in traditional dance while also enjoying street food. It wasn't a one off food market, it was something that happened every other day and everyone joined in. Also when I was Frankfurt earlier this year I visited Kleinmarkthalle, a world renowned food market popular with tourists and locals alike. Food markets are great way of being immersed in culture and today I thought I would dedicate a post to why you should visit food markets while travelling.

Live like a local

Visiting food markets enables you to live like a local for the day and experience what life is like living in that country and shopping for food. You can make note of all the local ingredients and produce renowned in that area, learn more about their cuisines and most of the time there's samples available for you to trial the food.

Absorb the atmosphere

Overhearing people haggling down prices, chatting about food and generally enjoying themselves makes for a great atmosphere. Food markets are busy and vibrant and there's nothing quite like them.

Eat authentic street food

Food markets are a great place to eat authentic street food as they are often filled with street food vendors who have a long family history of running market stalls. 

Practice your language skills

If you're looking to practice a few sentences from the phrase book you picked up in duty free, markets are a great place to test out your skills. Market halls often have people working there who may not be too fluent with English but most of the time they take kindly to you even attempting to speak their language.

Grab a bargain

Finally, food markets are a great place to grab a bargain as they are usually catered towards locals rather than tourists. High street stores particularly in tourist areas often inflate their prices to deal with demand and because they know tourists like convenience, whereas food markets have lower prices because they are helping the community.

Have you visited any great food markets abroad?



  1. Good tips and when i went traveling round Europe last year we stopped off in Germany and went to a food markets. It was interesting experience. xx

  2. For me, England is "abroad" as I'm an expat and I love to go to food markets here. Camden Lock was my favourite but I was told that they were going to scrap it to build some shopping center instead. That broke my heart.
    Anyway, food markets are brilliant: they are cheap, you discover local and world food, and you don't need to eat the same thing as the people you're with so everyone is happy :)

    Mika |

  3. I love food markets. Food is my passion. I always go to one at Christmas as they are my favourites. This Christmas I'm off to Munich x

  4. I totally agree! Although we do find it difficult to find a good farmer's market around South Staffs, sigh! xx

    Cityscape Bliss // Notes on The White Company

  5. Whenever I go to Brazil, I visit the food market as soon as we arrive!

  6. I've never been to a food market. I now need to go!!

  7. I think street markets are great for trying authentic new foods in new countries x

  8. I love street markets, I totally agree that it's a great way to immerse yourself in another culture and find out what the locals eat :)

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours

  9. We visited a few Street markets and food stalls recently in Hungary. It'd an amazing way of trying the local produce and cuisine! Will be trying this in Prague in December hopefully x

  10. That's really interesting I always love to engage in markets because they always sell so much interesting things. But a food market also sounds perfect, especially since I love food x

  11. My mummy loves visiting the food market in Belfast when she visits Grandma. It's great to savour different types of food abroad.


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