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My mother and I were never that close growing up, we used to bicker over the smallest of things, but as I've grown older, I've realised that the bickering was because we are too alike. They always say you argue with the people closest to you because they are the people you love so much and it's true. Even if we did have our moments, I loved her dearly and still do. Now I've moved house, got married and have a job, I've now got a lot more respect for my mum and we meet up whenever we can and phone each other several times a week. The space that came from me moving out of my childhood house, brought us closer together.

I'm sure you will have seen all the ads on TV and in the supermarkets, but in case you've forgotten, this weekend is Mother's Day. I love treating my mother on mother's day because she used to treat me so much growing up. I doubt one little Mother's Day gift a year will be enough to repay the several thousands of pounds of bringing up a child, the endless nights of lack of sleep when I had severe asthma and dealing with me through my 'moody teenage years', but she knows I care and buying her a little gift is my way of showing that. To celebrate Mother's Day, I've put together a small guide if you're running short on time and ideas.

Go out for an afternoon tea or make your own

You can't go wrong with an afternoon tea, who doesn't like a good cup of tea, miniature and more cakes than you've consumed in the last year all on a plate. I love going for afternoon tea as it's a great way of spending quality time together and enjoying some tasty treats. If you're looking to save some cash, you can always make your own. You can buy these cake stands from a lot of homeware stores - I know TK Maxx had some good ones the other day and you can fill the stand with treats that both you and your mum love.

A Spa day/pamper session at home

If you think your mum needs time to relax and be pampered, a spa day would be the perfect chance for her to unwind, take time off doing her daily chores and focus on herself instead of other people for one. I love the sound of this Moroccan Hammam treat at Harrods - if only I lived in London. If you can't afford to splash out on a spa day, bring the spa to your mum and treat her to some face masks, skincare and some bubble bath so she can take time out in the comfort of her own home.

Make something handmade

If you really want to show your mum how much you care, why not consider making her a handmade gift? We often get wrapped up on the commercialisation of mother's day, when in fact it should be the thought that counts. Making your mum a gift will put a smile on her face like it did when you first painted her a picture or brought home something you made at school and I'm pretty sure she will treasure it just as much something you did back then.

What are you planning on doing this Mother's Day?


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  1. I will be treating my mom to a lovely lunch and a pamper session at home :) Lovely post hun x x


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