Hotel Room Etiquette

A lot of people don't know this, but my first ever job was working as a hotel cleaner. It wasn't the most glamorous job, but it gave me good pocket money while I studied hard at college and  my first years of university. I stayed in that job for four years from the age of 16 to 20 and during those four years, I saw some quite disturbing sights. It always shocked me how many people used to disrespect the hotel rooms and leave them in a such state that none of the cleaning staff would know where to start. I know it was my job to clean up after other people's mess, but I have grown up being told that I should 'respect other peoples property' and to 'treat other people's property how you would treat your own" and with that in mind, I like to leave my hotel room how I would leave my bedroom or bathroom at home.

Although my days cleaning hotels are a long distant memory, I'm often reminded of my former career when I visit or review hotels and see the maids in the corridors. These days I'm travelling more than ever before and I'm always thankful for the hard work that goes on behind the scenes to ensure my hotel stay is immaculate and the best it can be. Therefore, I've decided to write a mini post about hotel room etiquette.  

Try refrain from self tanning or hair colouring in your hotel room

There's nothing worse than removing bright orange bedsheets or having to bleach the bath because someone has used permanent hair colour and splattered it everywhere. Fake tan and hair dye can sometimes stain products and there a nightmare to scrub. 

Leave your used towels in the bath

Always try to leave your used towels in the bath. Sometimes people used to hang towels back up and we would spend a fair few minutes trying to inspect them to see if they had been used or not - sometimes it's quite difficult to tell. Throwing your towels in your bath tub means that hotel staff can give you fresh ones if you need them or save on laundry and be eco-friendly if you don't.

Don't run away with the hotel ornaments or accessorises

During my years working in a hotel I have seen bed linen, towels, mugs, a kettle, hotel pillows and even a lamp 'go missing'.  Taking these items from a hotel room means that the next person could miss out until they get replaced and not to mention that stealing from a hotel room is in fact illegal.

Try not to throw everything on the floor

When you check into a hotel room, it can be so tempting to fling all your items on the floor and leave, but please try and leave your room as tidy as you can. Housekeepers don't expect the room to look exactly how they left it, but it does make tidying your room while you're out a lot easier if they don't have to move everything. 

If you don't need extra shampoo/conditioner, don't ask for it

Everyone loves the little bathroom freebies at hotels and some people will request extras just so they can fill their suitcase with them. At the end of the day, a lot of hotels do not have unlimited stock of these items and regularly have to order more of them to keep up with demand. Some hotels can have hundreds of people a day staying there, so please don't be too greedy so there's enough to go round.

If you don't want to be disturbed, use the 'do not disturb sign'

Housekeepers do not have x-ray vision, they cannot see through walls to see if you're in or out of your room, all they can do is knock and hope you will answer or not. There has been many times hotel cleaners have walked in on me while I've been away and I've done it several times to other people because they have been asleep and not heard the door being knocked. If you don't think you will hear the door or you don't want to be disturbed, always try to use a 'do not disturb sign' and if there isn't one in your room, you can always notify reception.

What are your hotel etiquette tips?



  1. I do not envy you having to clear hotel rooms, my friend used to do that and some of the stories she told us were horrible! x

  2. It is one job I would hate to do, just because of some of the horror stories I have heard. Some great tips here and luckily I must be a considerate hotel guest as I do all these x

  3. I can't believe people would dye their hair in hotel rooms? Or is that just me. I think I must be a considerate guest - I always try to leave the room as I have found it - as much as possible of course

  4. I keep it neat and tidy always I have to admit I clean up before we leave but yes I always fold the towels neatly

  5. I always out used towels in the bath and I use do not disturb sign as well. I get grumpy shine disturbed.

  6. Chambermaid-ing was my first weekend job too. Luckily I don't have any horror stories about it though!

  7. Great tips! I'd never dream of leaving a hotel room in a tip, expecting someone else to tidy it up - how arrogant of some people! x

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