George Secret Santa & Christmas 2015

This year I have been truly spoilt at Christmas, both in gifts and love from my family. We have had a particularly large family Christmas this year with my in-laws staying over from Ireland and my parents friends coming over on Christmas day to join in the fun. As an only child, Christmas when I was younger was great in terms of presents - I admit, I always got everything I wanted and more, but the festive season was rather lonely without a brother or sister and there was only ever four of us at the table, my parents and I and my grandma up to the age of 12 before she passed away and then my auntie regularly joined us in my teens. These days I'm lucky have a large extended family by marriage and Christmas is now never quiet. In fact, part of me craves on Christmas where it can be just my husband and I sitting in front of the TV all day with very little fuss.  This Christmas has been so much fun, but incredibly busy and for the first time in years it has been nearly a week since I updated my blog and my George Secret Santa reveal has been a little bit delayed.

George, ASDA* got in touch with me at the beginning of Christmas to see if i would like to take part in their Secret Santa, a gift exchange amongst other bloggers. We were given a £50 budget and could choose several items from the George clothing and gift sections of the website. If you haven't shopped at George before, £50 can go a very long way with most items on the website at really affordable prices - you could easily get a full outfit of clothes for that budget.

When my George Secret Santa arrived, I couldn't believe my eyes. All my presents were individually wrapped and there were so many of them. Christmas had come early and I couldn't wait to see what I had been given. The first item I opened was a thick black scarf and a pair of faux leather gloves. I've actually wanted a new pair of gloves as I'd lost mine and these were really comfy and smart. Admittedly the scarf wasn't to my style, but as it is black it would go with any outfit and is incredibly versatile. I then opened a pair of fuzzy white Christmas socks. You cannot go wrong with socks and these were perfect for all the cold weather we were experiencing a few weeks ago. Unfortunately I was slightly disappointed with the quality as the fluff fell to pieces all over my floor and made such a mess, but the third present I opened made up for it. The third present was this wonderful cream dressing gown that feels luxurious and a treat to wear. I wouldn't have expected this quality from George and I'm really impressed, in fact my mum thought it was more expensive than it is.

Over all I'm really happy with the items I received as part of my George Secret Santa and many of the items are things I would use over and over again. If you're interested in any of the above items, now is the best time to shop as they have Christmas sales on and you're bound to find a bargain.



  1. These are lovely items. Every woman needs a great pair of classic black gloves.

    xo Azu

  2. Ooh that dressing gown sounds so super lovely. I've been dying for some new PJS so might give George a go this time! I hope New Years was good for you & 2016 brings you good health!
    Bee |


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