Sunday Style: Boohoo Winter Warmer Challenge

British weather is always difficult to dress for and during the winter, it is worse than ever. One minute it is sunny, the next it rains and then comes a burst of blustery wind that makes your hair look like a birds nest and leaves your clothes feeling soggy and damp. Not only is difficult to find clothes to wear, it can also be quite costly topping up your wardrobe every time the weather decides to change.

Boohoo recently got in touch and asked me if I would like to take part in their 'Boohoo Winter Warmer challenge.'  The challenge was to pick an outfit from the website for less than £40 that can keep you warm during the winter. I admit I spend a lot of money on clothes and when I first saw the amount, I did not think £40 would stretch very far,  but when I browsed the website I was shocked to discover so many really nice items and many of them were under £25. 

The one item that really stood out to me was the khaki Shawl collar belted duster coat that I'm wearing in the above image. I've always wanted a duster coat, but I've been worried that they wouldn't suit me. As this one was only £20 I thought I would give it a go and see how many times I would wear it. Since it arrived, I've barely been out of it. The coat is really thin fabric, but great for layering in winter weather and the colour is bang on trend this autumn with military style currently being one of the trends to watch. I teamed this jacket with a pair of ripped knee jeggings that were only £8 and fit perfectly and an autumnal coloured split hem jumper that was only £10, bringing the entire outfit price to £38. 

Boohoo have really impressed me with their new autumn range and I will definitely be placing another order soon. I've found that the quality of clothing exceeded my expectations and I was shocked by how many items I could get for my money. If you're looking for a new winter wardrobe on a budget, Boohoo is the place to go.

Have you bought anything from Boohoo recently?



  1. I love a good BOOHOO splurge. I never stop wearing my pinafore dress I got from there a month or so ago. I love shopping the advert section!
    Bee |

  2. You are gorgeous! Your hair looks really pretty in this photo. And I like what you're wearing...this is such a lovely outfit that's perfect for autumn.

    xo Azu


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