My European Bucket List

When I was growing up, I admit travel was never the first thing on my mind. In my teenage years and admittedly earlier twenties all I cared about was the more superficial things in life such as my next Michael Kors handbag or buying more MAC lipsticks than I actually needed. In fact,  I hadn't stepped on a plane in almost 10 years until my 21st birthday and that was a time when most of my friends were on gap years or going on girls holidays. Looking back I was young and naive and to be fair, aren't we all at some point? Since my trip to Thailand earlier this year, travel is all I can think about. Seeing the different culture, the beautiful landscapes and the experiences money can rarely buy inspired me. I loved feeling enriched and learning something new.  It may have taken me a few years to get bitten by the travel bug, but now I feel ready to see the world and as a much more mature person, I feel ready to appreciate the world's true beauty and learn more than I could ever read in textbooks. So here's a little run down of the top places my husband and I would like to visit next year. 

Lake Garda

Lake Garda is the largest lake in Italy and is a popular tourist destination in northern Italy. I love beautiful landscapes, lakes and everything Italian so I think this would be a great place to visit. I would really like to rent a boat and fully explore the lake and trek along the picturesque hillside.


I have been to Paris before, but when I was a lot younger. Back then my main priorities were finding Mickey Mouse at Disneyland, now I would like to go back and visit all the tourist hotspots and dine at an authentic French restaurant. My husband and I have a friend who lives in Paris so I'm hoping she will be able to take me out to see the sights.


Budapest is one of the largest cities in the European Union and is the capital of Hungary. A lot of my friends have been to Budapest and I have spent many hours flicking through their Facebook albums with envy. I really want to see the architecture, learn more about the country and of course cruise along the Danube.


As a big fan of Dracula, Transylvania has always been on my European bucket list. I've been told Transylvania is like stepping back in time to 100 years ago and that Transylvania is a great place to visit if you're a history geek like myself. My itinerary for Transylvania would consist of: Sighi┼čoara, a Saxon fortress town which is a UNESCO World Heritage site and The Mikes Estate at Zabala to watch bears.


The final place on my bucket list for now would be Reykjavik to see the Northern Lights, the blue lagoons, shop at their world renowned flea markets and to watch whales from the harbour.

                                                            What's on your bucket list?



  1. I really really want to go to both lake Garda and Paris-two very different places, but both look amazing! I love this post it makes me want to do more travel inspired posts

  2. I can HIGHLY recommend Budapest, we went in April this year & there is so much to see and do. I wouldn't hesitate heading back at all. You've chosen some really lovely & quirky places that would be so interesting to read about so I hope you do book them :)
    Bee |

    <a hre

  3. I went to Paris 7 years ago for a vacation (I live in Canada), and I loved every single minute of it. It's been my dream to go to Paris since I was in school. I visited all the hot spots -- La Tour Eiffel, Chomps Elysees, Louvre, Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame, Ile de Cite, Sorbonne, Sacre Coeur, Molin Rouge, and some other places. It was amazing! One day I hope to go back there again :)

    If you go to Transylvania, Sighisoara is a wonderful and fascinating place to visit, you will love it!

    Have a great weekend!

    Xoxo, Victoria

  4. I love the place of Dracula, Transylvania has dependably been on my European basin list. I've been told Transylvania resembles venturing back so as to 100 years prior and that Transylvania is an extraordinary place to visit in case you're a history nerd like myself. However, I need assignment writing service but you have shared a great list of such amazing beautiful places.


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