York: Along the River

Recently I wrote a post about my day visit to the beautiful historic town of York. As mentioned previously we did so much in one day that it was almost impossible to slim it down to one blog post, so here's the second out of the three posts I have planned highlighting the things I got up to during the day.

After a little bit of window shopping and a short pit stop at Betty's Tea Rooms my husband and I decided to take a trip along the river Ouse on the York Boat. The York Boats are a must see attraction for anyone wanting to learn more about the history of York and its river. On a nice day you can see the beautiful York scenery in all of it's glory and even witness the large number of York Kayaking and Canoe clubs doing their daily training. 

These boats cruise between King's Staith and Lendal Bridge and there are many different types of cruises to choose from. We opted for the entertaining and highly informative river city cruise. The cruise took 60 minutes and told us everything we needed to know about York in many bite sized snippets whilst admiring the scenery from an open top deck.

During our little trip the tour guide pointed out the many attractions along the water edge such as the National Parks and Museums and also spoke vastly about York's Viking and Saxon history. We also learnt about Guy Fawkes association with York, the history of York's many bridges and many humorous medieval facts about York. The trip was both visually pleasurable and intellectually stimulating and the tour guide knew everything you needed to know about the city. 

We were lucky that weather held out for us and that we were able to cruise along the river with sunshine on our faces and very little wind in our hair. If you're a history buff with a thirst for knowledge like myself or just fancy a summer cruise along York's beautiful river, this trip is definitely worth the £9 admittance fee. If you plan on visiting the York tourist sites, make sure to check out the York Pass. The York Pass gives you discounted entry to many of York's top attractions. The pass is £36 a day but you could save around that price if you plan on doing a lot of sightseeing.

Have you been to York before?


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