July Payday Wishlist

Another month is almost over and yet again it's time to do my monthly payday wishlist. For those who get paid monthly, this month has been a killer. Five full weeks and it's the middle of summer, we've be celebrating hard and paying the consequences in the last week before payday. My cupboards are bare both in the wardrobe and food departments, it's time for an overhaul. Good news it that tomorrow it's my payday. Bad news, it's my husbands birthday and I've got a wedding at the beginning of next month so money is a little bit tighter than usual. However, as we're verging towards the end of summer I do plan on buying a few key transitional wardrobe pieces this month.

Firstly on my list is this beautiful Beige Crepe Block swing dress from River Island. This blog seems endorsed by River Island these days with the amount I mention them, but I swear it's not. River Island just usually ticks all the boxes for me - great fit,value for money and usually quite classic designs. This dress looks quite sophisticated and can be dressed up or down during any season due to the soft, natural colours used in the pattern. 

Next on my list are these Hamilton Michael Kors shoes from Kurt Geiger. The simple, yet elegant colour of these shoes gives them the versatility to go with almost any outfit and the gold Michael Kors logo embellishment at the back of the heel makes them that little bit more glamourous.  These shoes would look great at any time of day and can be used for almost any occasion, they are a great investment piece. If you need persuading any further, there's a free delivery code on Fashionbeans for Kurt Geiger. 

My blog has seen many round up fashion posts featuring Michael Kors handbags and the reason is because I love them so much. My trusted Michael Kors Selma bag is always by my side and as much as I do love it, I think it's time to switch things up a bit and purchase a new one. I've been searching for the Michael Kors bag that I should buy next time and I think it's most likely going to be the Jet Set Tote. The bag is spacious, good quality and perfect for all those day trips where I need to carry around a lot of blogging essentials like my camera.

Last but definitely not least on my payday wishlist is the new NARS 'Blame it on the cheek' palette. I'm going through a phase where I'm loving blusher and NARS do great blusher and highlighting palettes. I've already read lots of great reviews about this product and I'd love to pick one of these up when I'm in duty free at the end of the month.

What's on your payday wishlist?


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    That dress looks stunning <3 xxx

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