Jo Malone New Bath & Body Collection

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of attending a Jo Malone in-store event at the Victoria Quarter, Leeds. The event was to demonstrate the new bath and body collection and to show how some of the best Jo Malone products had been given a new leash of life, with bold yet pretty new packaging. I'm a big fan of Jo Malone and have been for years. I remember receiving my first ever Jo Malone candle and from that moment I fell in love. Everything from the pretty French style designs to the sweet scents are captivating and can make anyone fall in love with the brand. When you wear Jo Malone, you can be instantly recognised in the crowd. The scents are different to the mainstream fragrances out there. They are subtle, aromatic and sweet and feminine. They ooze sophistication and class and for me, make me feel sexier as a woman.

The name of the event was called 'A Moment for You' and the focus was to convince women that they all deserve at least 10 minutes of indulgence and relaxation each day and that the newly re energised Jo Malone products can help. The first product in the new collection is the Jo Malone Shower Oil. The shower oil is nourishing and restoring and is made from sunflower seed, jojoba and coconut oil.  The oil helps cleanse the body and leaves your skin feeling silky soft. Jo Malone's new shower oil can be used in or out of the shower and is applied by starting at the feet and working all the way up body. To cleanse the system the oil is removed with a hot towel infused with lime, basil and mandarin and then the body moisturiser can be applied. Choosing the zesty Lime, Basil and Mandarin cream will help energise the body, choosing the juicy Blackberry and Bay will help refresh and if you want to feel relaxed, we were advised that you should opt for the opulent Peony & Blush suede.

During the event we were also given the chance to sample an array of healthy food from Fillmore and Union, a Yorkshire based health food cafe chain. We were given delicious vegan kale brownies to try, juicy fresh fruit and we also watched a live demonstration of one of their juices being made. The juice had apples, blackberries, cucumber and many more ingredients and although it didn't look too appetising, it tasted really nice and gave us all the health kick we needed.

Just before we left my bestie Lizi and I were given the chance to sample one of the Jo Malone hand and arm massages using the new products. I went for the relaxing massage and Lizi opted for the energising massage. The products felt amazing against my skin and the beautiful scents lingered on my arms for days.The staff were more than accommodating and really made our evening and helped convince me to pop by the Jo Malone store in the near future. Thank you to Jo Malone, Filmore and Union and the Victoria Quarter for such a fabulous event. I would urge anyone that has not tried the new collection to pop in your local store and give it a go.

Have you tried the new Jo Malone Bath and Body Collection?


  1. I haven't tried anything from Jo Malone, I'm very tempted by her fragrances x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

  2. I've not had any new JM fo ages, I think it's treat time!xx

    Anoushka Loves xx


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