Holiday Memories in Ibiza

Yesterday I logged into my Timehop and was reminded that two years ago I was sat on a beach drinking Strawberries Daiquiris on the beautiful island of Ibiza with my husband to be at the time. It was my first trip abroad in over 10 years and my first proper holiday with my husband. Ibiza often gets a bad reputation for being a party island full of sex, drugs and copious amounts of alcohol - part of that is true and can be said for many islands and even the UK but if you stay in the right place, it's easy to discover the true beauty of Ibiza and see why this little Balearic island is rated so highly amongst holidaymakers and many celebrities. 

Love Holidays recently challenged a number of bloggers to share their favourite holiday memories and I thought this would be the perfect excuse to look back on some of my favourite holidays and write about the island that over the years has brought me so much happiness and many amazing, fun holidays. I have so many fond memories of Ibiza and each time I have visited, I have fallen more in love with the island. The first time I visited was when I was 10 years old with my parents. It was the last holiday with my grandma as she passed away a month later but we had the most amazing time snorkeling and taking boat trips - it was the first holiday where I felt confident enough to tread water in the sea. My second time in Ibiza was in 2013, my first proper adult holiday with my partner and we ended up loving that holiday so much that last year we had our honeymoon on the island.

When I visited Ibiza in 2013 we stayed on the outskirts of San Antonio. Close enough to all the major party areas but far away enough to enjoy some quiet time and indulge in the romantic side of Ibiza. I remember being so excited about going away for the first time with my partner and as an adult. When I arrived in Ibiza, it was better than I remembered it from the first time. The views were breathtaking, the temperature was just right and the water looked pristine and blue, I couldn't wait to pop on my bikini and go scuba diving. 

The holiday was rather simple, we did all the usual tourist things like boat parties, eating at all the restaurants, going on day trips and sightseeing but it was special in its own way to me. My trip to Ibiza in 2013 made me fall in love with the island so much that a year later I spent my honeymoon there and it also inspired me to travel. I realised that by not renewing my passport earlier, I had missed out on so many potential years of travelling and it also made me question how many other beautiful places there are in the world. Ibiza is just one tiny island and there's so much more in the world to explore.
Have you been to Ibiza before?


  1. I've just returned from Ibiza and immediately I was clubbing at Playa Den Bossa but I was able to visit my parents who were holidaying in Santa Eulalia which is a beautiful town. Sadly a hangover thwarted my plans to visit Old Town.

    Victoria x

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