Rawr Organic Chocolate

I love chocolate and I could happily eat is all day long, the problem is my stomach seems to hate it. Being slightly dairy intolerant and having a dodgy gallbladder does not bode well with most chocolate, in fact chocolate is my stomachs worst enemy. I've been on the search for awhile now to find a chocolate that will ease my hunger pangs and also satisfy my digestive system and I've finally found the perfect match.

Rawr chocolate* is a vegan, dairy and gluten free chocolate brand, perfect for people like me who try to cut out the dairy and those who need to monitor their food intake. Rawr chocolate is made at low temperatures to preserve enzymes and uses the most natural ingredient Cacao. Cacao is the basic ingredient of all chocolate and according to Rawr 'the food has very special qualities.' Apparently named "the food of gods" over 3500 years ago, cacao was used for anything and everything from healing to rituals and general consumption. Today scientists have proved that Cacao has over 300 nutritional compounds making raw chocolate a healthy treat. Most commercial chocolate on the market is highly processed and cooked at very high temperatures. The higher the temperature that the chocolate is made at, the more nutritional value it loses. Rawr say: "they are devoted to making chocolate with the highest quality raw, organic ingredients... completely dairy-free with no added refined cane or beet sugar and nothing artificial." This is probably why my stomach allows me to eat Rawr chocolate and have no repercussions. 

Rawr chocolate comes in seven different flavours from Goji berry to mint chocolate, chocolate orange to Lucuma chocolate which is a caramel like flavour. This chocolate is melt in the mouth divine and although it has no dairy, it has a creamy like flavour and texture. Most organic chocolate I have tried in the past has tasted bitter, but this chocolate feels light and fruity, like I could eat a few bars without feeling sick. My favourite of the four I tried had to be the Chocolate Orange. This chocolate is zesty and sweet, yet light on the palette. Whilst my husband loved the mint chocolate. He said that "the bar tasted fresh, but not overly minty - it was the perfect balance."

Rawr Chocolate can be bought from their online store starting at £2.45 per bar.

Have you tried Rawr Chocolate before?


  1. The Lucuma bar sounds yummy, I haven't heard of this brand x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

  2. These look lovely! I'm glad you manage to eat it without it causing any problems, I'd hate to be deprived of chocolate!


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