A Visit to Ox Pasture Hall Hotel, Scarborough

When life gets too busy and stressful there's nothing better than escaping to the country for some peace and quiet and to be surrounded by the tranquil sounds of the local wildlife. My life has been incredibly stressful lately being in and out of hospital and catching up on work in between, my body was pleading with me to take it easy for a few days and have a much needed break. At just the right time, I was lucky enough to be invited to the beautiful Ox Pasture Hall Hotel in Scarborough for a weekend away. Set deep in the countryside between Scarborough and Whitby, Ox Pasture Hall is the perfect romantic getaway, a place to relax and has the most luxurious settings, perfect for a wedding. 

I had seen so many photographs and reviews of Ox Pasture Hall before the visit, but these pictures did not do this place justice and my expectations were exceeded once I saw the grounds for myself. Everything from the beautiful garden ornaments to the carefully selected seating positioned with the most amazing views had me surprised and added character to this wonderful little country retreat. I was blown away from the moment I arrived in the car park and I already knew I had so much more to discover.

Check in time is around 2pm and we arrived around 5pm after spending some time in Scarborough. Due to my medication I have been unable to drive long distance and caught the train from my home town and then a taxi from Scarborough station to Ox Pasture Hall. The taxi ride was less than £10 and the ride took us through a scenic route in the countryside. We passed mini lakes, saw plenty of wildlife and drove through some picturesque small villages - all before we arrived at Ox Pasture. The check in was really easy and the staff were more than accommodating asking to help us with our luggage and giving us a guided tour of the grounds whilst leading us to our room.

We passed through several of Ox Pasture Hall's courtyards on the way to our room, all of which are perfect places to relax and have a drink or bask in the sun during a warm weekend. The grounds were incredibly clean - even when it was windy and the hotel was nice and quiet despite being one of their busiest weekends, which was perfect for a weekend of relaxation.

I was lucky enough to stay in one of Ox Pasture Hall's luxury suites. The luxury suites all have their own living area, a very spacious bathroom and a giant king size bed. Like most hotels we were provided with complimentary robes, tea and coffee and bath supplies. I was shocked by the size of the suite and really enjoyed looking out of the windows at all the different countryside views. The room had the most splendid decor - all of which had a wildlife, country-esque feel with animal ornaments, soft natural furnishings and oak furniture.

This bathroom had to be the one of the biggest bathrooms I have ever used - almost just as big as the bedroom. The bathroom had 'his' and 'hers' sinks, a gigantic bath with waterfall taps (something I have always wanted for my own house) and a spacious standing shower area yet again with waterfall taps. The bathroom was clean with no hair or anything insight, it was like we had been the first people to use it and one of the cleanest hotel bathrooms I have ever seen.

Everything in the hotel room was highly detailed from the little soaps resting near the sink to these bath lotions and potions neatly positioned in this cute ornamental bath tub.

The bedroom had wonderful views of the garden and the bed felt really comfortable. The room had a rather large television which was great to lay down and watch at the end of a busy day and the curtains blocked out all the light so you are able to get a good night sleep.

Once we had settled into our rooms, we went downstairs to explore the bar facilities. The bar had soft leather sofas, large cushions and an elegant log fire. It was like being in someone's living room and felt very homely. The drinks were reasonably priced for a hotel and my husband happily had a few pints which didn't break the bank. The bar area is a great place to relax and talk about your day with minimal interference and great surroundings. 

My husband and I had the most amazing time at Ox Pasture hall and this has to be in my top three hotels that I ever stayed in. The staff are wonderful, the surroundings are beautiful and it's the perfect getaway for those looking to relax and have time to themselves or enjoy the company of a loved one. I'm definitely planning on going back next year and as the hotel is dog friendly, I may even take my furry friend for a weekend away too.

Have you been to Scarborough or Ox Pasture Hall Hotel?


  1. Looks like a beautiful serene location to rest and recharge the batteries.

  2. Such beautiful photos, looks like you had a great time. I love Scarborough and Whitby but think the problem with this gorgeous hotel would be that you wouldn't want to leave to go anywhere! X

  3. wow this place is really beautiful! I love the bathroom!


    Dominika from mycupofbeauty.com

  4. I stayed at Ox Pasture Hall recently too! It's quite strange to read another review with almost exactly the same pictures - it makes my head hurt!! I agree with you about the bathroom, it was amazing! Weirdly, I stayed in the same suite as you did but there was no animal ornaments - they must have been a new addition! Really enjoyed reading this post, if you want to read mine here's the link! I reviewed the restaurant too :) x

  5. This definitely looks like the perfect place to de-stress!


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