My Summer Wish List

See my Summer Wishlist here
When it comes to shopping, I'm an avid list maker. I love going into stores or shopping online and knowing exactly what I need to buy, rather than buying what I want at that particular moment. Of course there are many days that I deviate from my plans and end up coming home with an extra three tops I didn't actually need, but the majority of the time lists are a fine way of keeping myself level-headed and ensuring I don't over spend.

As a blogger wish lists are something I love creating. They are my online version of a shopping list and a way for me to visualise how my outfits will look once they arrive. It’s great content for you guys and a way for me to express myself creatively, but when it comes to purchasing the clothes on payday sometimes they get forgotten and often or not I've put the wrong link and cannot find the original item! If only there was someway that I could keep all my shopping lists in one place…

Lyst is a fully interactive and immersive shopping destination where users can create and share their own shopping lists, be reminded of sales and have all the major world wide fashion chains on one big website. When they contacted me the other day asking me if I wanted to try the site, I knew this would be something I would immediately get hooked on.

The signup process is really easy and the website is user friendly so you can easily get started on making those lists.  At the start of the signup process there’s also a round of quick fire questions to establish your preferences. This means that all your favourite brands will be there straight away in front of you, under one virtual roof relieving the hassle of having to trawl through various Internet sites.

I spend a few hours playing on the site last night and created the above ‘summer inspired’ wish list. It features some of my favourite brands such as Olivia Burton and Michael Kors (whom I now follow on Lysts) and a few brands that I had not heard of until now such as Piccione Piccione the creators of this beautiful multicolour printed pleated skirt and Kendra Scott, the masterminds behind this simple yet striking bracelet. With so many brands on one website and so many search options, Lysts makes it so easy to search for your all time favourite brands, but also discover new ones too.

A few of my other favourite features on the site includes the Trending Now filter and the Gift me Lyst. The trending now filter enables you to see what’s popular on the website – perfect for those fashionistas with FOMO when it comes to the latest trends and the Gift Me Lyst gives you the chance to give subtle hints (like my list above) to your friends and loved ones should a special occasion like a birthday or graduation arise.

Honestly I'm well and truly hooked on Lyst and I can see this being a website I regularly use. Try it out for yourselves and make sure you let me know how you get on!

Have you tried Lyst before?


  1. I'm trying to be super strict on my remaining budget now so that I can potentially buy myself a cheeky Michael Kors in duty free on the way home...we'll have to see how much restraint I can show though!

    You picked out some really fun bits though, the Kate Spade passport wallet is super cute too!

  2. Ooh this sounds dangerous! Great for near birthdays though... :-) Love everything Kate Spade!! xx


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