ProBlo Curl Me Review

A few weeks ago I was kindly invited to the launch of the ProBlo Curl Me* by the ProBlo Group, a company specialising in electrical haircare. The Curl Me according to the website 'is a revolutionary product that volumises and locks in your style giving you chance to get salon perfect hair.' When I first read about this product, I was so excited. I love the feeling of soft, bouncy hair when I leave the salon and every day I long for that volume that only my hairdresser can give to me. At £35 for the set, the ProBlo is an affordable way of apparently getting salon quality and at that price, it's worth giving it a go.

The set comes with six rollers, six accompanying hair clips and a detachable brush handle allowing the barrel to stay in the hair until the hair has cooled down - similar to a way you would use velcro curlers, but you're applying heat and styling the hair at the same time. As mentioned previously, I was beyond excited about trying this set and I thought it would be the dream solution to my flat hair days, but alas it wasn't. As a former hairdresser I've had my fair share of using curling tongs, hot brushes, various types of rollers and even straighteners to achieve bouncy, flowing locks but this product hasn't worked for me. The bristles on the brush aggravated my dry, colour damaged hair ending with lots of frizz and rollers that I had to forcibly remove after leaving them in 20 minutes. Yes my hair had volume and actually much more volume than I did expect, but for me I can easily achieve this with some cheap velcro rollers that I can sleep in all night long and wake up with in the morning.

Although my review of the ProBlo product hasn't been entirely positive, I have had many friends that have had such great results using this product. Their hair looked exceptional and it does show that it can work for some people. Unfortunately the product and I just don't seem to get a long - but being honest, my hair is rather difficult and doesn't seem to get a long with many styling tools. I recommend trying the ProBlo for yourself and seeing how it works with your hair type, your experience might just be luckier than mine.

Have you tried the Pro-Blo Curl Me?



  1. That is a shame. It is always disappointing when something just doesn't work with your hair.

  2. What a pity, it may work for others who have a different hair texture, but I guess they aren't for everyone. They look pretty though!

    Miss Stylicious


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