Triumph Underwear #NiggleFix Campaign

It's not often that I share adverts or campaign snippets here on Forever Miss Vanity, but the Triumph #NiggleFix Campaign really made me giggle as I can relate to the daily irritation and niggles that ill fitted underwear can cause and I'm also a massive fan of the Triumph shape wear and underwear collections. During my life so far I have been everywhere from a 38FF bra size down to a 32B and most sizes in between and during those times, I have never managed to find the perfect bra. 

However, Triumph have now taken all these daily niggles that us women have and they have come up with a solution. The new Magic Bra has all the support of a wired bra with the feel and comfort, but a clever piece of silicone in the new Magic Wire Bra gives the magic of support without wires. and the built in mesh stabiliser offers additional support that moves around the body. So there we have it ladies, a new bra that promises to abolish those little moments where we need to adjust our bra in public and gets rid of those pesky wires that have a habit of sticking or falling out that can often cause irritation and pain.

The Triumph #NiggleFix campaign encourages women to share their everyday problems on social platforms using the hashtag to illustrate the most common problems and call upon the community to suggest their best possible solutions. Triumph will then take the research away and illustrate them back to the community. With our support, we can end those daily bra niggles and bring comfort to all women. This is a campaign I'm definitely sticking by.

What do you find most annoying about wearing a bra?


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