Label M Sea Salt Spray

Like many girls out there my hair and I have a love hate relationship. I have always had hair envy over Cheryl Cole's mane which is long, voluminous and full of curls. My hair is the polar opposite limp and lifeless with unruly waves and lack of style. When I mention to new friends, colleagues and acquaintances that I used to be a hairdresser I'm greeted with a look of confusion and honestly I don't blame them. Since hanging up my curling tongs and scissors, I have lost the passion I used to have when it came to styling my hair. When I was a hairdresser I changed my hair cut and colour almost every month and dared to be different. Now I'm sat here debating for what seems like the hundredth time whether to stick with the same hairstyle when I go to the salon on Saturday or whether to go for something new and I can almost guarantee I will come out with just an inch off the bottom and the same colour I've had for months. 

Despite ranting on about my lack of hair ambition, one thing I am still passionate about are hair products. I seem to be forever collecting a variety of styling products for my hair and every now and then I do like to experiment. The newest addition to grace my hair styling collection is the Label M Sea Salt Spray from a website called MyHigh.St. The Label M Sea Salt Spray description says it is a 'professional formula that creates covetable tousled styles with an edgy matte finish' and from what I've seen it does exactly what it says on the tin. The product itself is really easy to use as it can be used on dry or wet hair and teased through your hands to create your desired tousled curls. When I first read the word 'matte' I was worried that the formula would be rather sticky and as someone prone to greasy roots, the prospect of looking like I had half washed hair terrified me. However, once applied the product settled into place with no issues at all and made my hair worked well to enhance my normal waves and give them a sense of direction rather than my hair sticking out at all angles. The only warning I would give with this product is that it is easy to get carried away using the product and that can make your hair sticky. But if you stick with the motto 'less is more' this product can become hairs best friend and be a cost effective way of getting salon style hair.

Have you tried the Label M Sea Salt Spray?


  1. I'm a little weary of using anything with sea salt in my hair because I am worried about it drying out my hair or making it tangled because that is what happens when I go to the beach lol

  2. Like Ebony, I sometimes find Sea Salt sprays make my hair feel like straw so if this one doesn't I may have to go buy it! I love the tousled wave look


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