Mini-moon Essentials

Time flies so quickly. It felt like two minutes ago since my fiance and I discussed booking our honeymoon and this weekend will be getting married and next week we will be flying out to Ibiza. It's surreal when an event you have been planning for the last two years is just around the corner and everything seems to settle in place. I'm so excited, yet nervous about the big day and I'm incredibly happy that after all the mixture of emotions of my wedding day I will have a few days in Ibiza with my new husband to relax and reflect on our wedding week.

Ibiza is a place close to my fiance and mines heart. We went there on our first holiday abroad together and fell in love with the beautiful scenery, the glistening turquoise waters and the nightlife Ibiza has to offer. Ibiza is known for it's major parties, crazy nightlife and has a bit of a bad reputation for being loud and 'chavy'. However, my experience of Ibiza has been completely opposite. You really need to experience Ibiza at one point in your life and it's sad to see that the island isn't always on holiday hit list for most - especially this hipsters holiday destination guide. I first encountered the dreamy island when I was seven years old on holiday with my parents - we stayed in the family area of Ibiza and had the most wonderful time snorkelling and enjoying the landscapes.As I grew older, I really wanted to go back and experience the island as an adult that can legally drink and see what the Ibiza nightlife is all about. Although James and I did not go to the big clubs, we went on a few boat parties and spend many hours in the local bars enjoying the culture. We loved being five minutes away from San Antonio on the private beach attached to our hotel, then being plummeted into all things Ibiza when we went into the city. We decided to go back there on 'mini-moon' as we don't have much money from planning the wedding and since we experienced so much whilst we was there last time, we can stroll about the area knowing where everything is and relax on the beach with a strawberry daiquiri or two.

To get me in the mood for my mini-moon I've been gathering a few items and I was lucky enough to be sent a few holiday items to review. These Mocks* shoes are great for taking on holiday as they fold away easily in your bag for a day at the beach and take less space in your suitcase. They are stretch fitting meaning that you will not get any blisters whilst sight seeing and they have a sturdy sole meaning that you can walk over bumps in the cobbled streets without having sore feet. Mocks come in a variety of colours, but I chose this coral pair as they are bright, summery and match the loud atmosphere of Ibiza.

This Murad* sun balm has broccoli extract that stimulates the skin's natural defence against UV and has a heavenly citrus smell. The compact size of this sun balm makes it easy to carry around on the beach or in your purse and with an SPF of 35, it will ensure your skin stays protected all day through. This product is to be used mainly on the face, neck and chest - to be fair, most of the parts I get sunburnt anyway, but to be cautious always carry around additional sun protection. Sun burn isn't nice and can be incredibly dangerous - remember prevention is always better than the cure. 

My final item on the mini-moon essentials guide is this gorgeous French Connection swimsuit from Psyche. I often get really self conscious wearing swimsuits as I have quite a saggy stomach from losing so much weight, but this pattern really hides it well and has made me feel so confident. I have worn it to the gym on numerous occasions since it arrived and it really gives me that body confident moment I need for my holiday. The aztec pattern looks bright and bold which fits well with the Ibiza lifestyle and I love the halter neck tie. This is seriously the best swimsuit I have ever worn.

Do you have any late summer holidays planned?


  1. What an exciting time for you! That is so wonderful. I love that suit by the way. It will be perfect :)

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