Affordable Summer Dresses

Although the current weather is suggesting that it is almost the end of summer, according to the recent weather forecasts we are predicted lots gorgeous indian sun within the next week and I'm looking forward to wearing my dresses again. I have felt rather boring during the last few weeks at work as I have woken up, seen the grey morbid skies and literally grabbed the nearest pair of jeans and walked out of the door. When it's sunny, my attitude changes and I'm much more happier and willing to get up earlier and put on a posh frock, heels and makeup. 

As the weather is rapidly changing and the change of season is ahead, it's not really the time to go shopping for expensive summer dresses - that was a few months ago when we knew we had lots of sun coming our way. Instead, it's time to head to the shops that summer have dresses on sale or have a range of affordable dresses for those last summer fixes. 

This beautiful printed dress is from the online retailer Wearall that sells a variety of affordable fashionable items. I love the bright floral colours and the way this dress slips on without any effort. The elasticated waist means that the dress stays comfortable even if you have indulged on an ice-cream or two and the short hem gives you that last chance to show off your legs before the cold weather sets in. This dress is perfect for my 'mini-moon' to Ibiza next week, I cannot wait to wear it strolling along the beach as this dress screams summer holidays.

Have you shopped at Wearall before?



  1. That dress is just lovely, and I really think it would look great with opaques and boots when the weather turns cooler.


  2. you look absolutely beautiful hun, I love those bright colours on you! :) x

  3. Loving your style!

    Lots of love,

    PD xox



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