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Spring and Summer are my favourite seasons. I love being able to go out wearing bright colours, warm bronzers and rosy pink cheeks without looking too washed out. The cosmetic stores are full to the brim with pretty feminine colours to help you enjoy every part of the warmer weather. I admit I can be quite bland when it comes to my makeup. During the winter I wake up first thing in the morning and generally settle for cat flick eyeliner and a nude lipstick because I am too tired. When the spring and summer comes around, I tend to have a new lease of life and the urge to experiment. Out with the dull, boring Miss Vanity and hello to colourful, vibrant and confident Miss Vanity. I also think it helps that I can use fake tan when it is warm without it streaming down my body. To help get me out of a style rut and ready for the sunshine, I was gifted several items from the company Fragrance Direct. Fragrance Direct specialise in all the best high street brands at affordable prices. If you think you cannot afford Ciate nail varnish to treat yourself to Elizabeth Arden, think again. This website has all of products for a lot cheaper than other retailers.

The first item I received in my package was the Maybelline 070 Orange Crush lipstick (link). I really like the moisturising sensation of this lipstick and the dewy effect it gives upon application. The lipstick tastes like oranges and looks subtle, yet summery. 

I am a massive fan of Ciate polishes and I have done product reviews on them countless of times. This yellow colour is from the Corrupted Neon Manicure set by Ciate (link). The polish applies really well, dries fast and gives a wonderful finish. This picture does not have the top coat added as I could not find it when writing this review, however once the top coat is added, it really does look like a professional manicure. It sparkles, shines and gives your nails a bold statement colour. 

In the past I have never got a long with any of the Maybelline volumising mascaras, they often leave my eyelashes looking clumpy, flat and unattractive. However the Maybelline Colossal Volume Express (link) was a delight to use. Yes it still comes out a little bit clumpy, but it does in fact add quite a lot of volume to my tiny little lashes.

Next is the Glo-Minerals Precise Micro Lipliner (link). Shamefully, I am one of those people that do not use lipliners as much as they should do. As a blogger, I should know better. Lipliners are fab for defining the natural curves of your lips and giving your lipstick a fuller effect. I really like this lipliner because it is easy to apply and looks great once filled in and used as an actual block lip colour, as well as a lipliner.

I have always wanted to try the L'oreal 24hr Super gel eyeliner (link) and to be completely honest I was not blown away by the quality of this product. This is good for a gel eyeliner, but it does not beat my favourite Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner. If you are on a budget this may be a good product for you, but at usual retail price of £16, it is a little steep. Thanks to Fragrance Direct, you can buy this gel eyeliner for £6 and try it for yourself.

Finally, here is my new Elizabeth Arden (link) cream blusher. I am a big fan of cream blushers because they are easy to apply, perfect for contouring and they leave a natural finish. This cream blusher is perfect for my complexion and is a beautiful spring time colour.

Are you ready for the spring/ summer seasons?


  1. Great pics, I love the flowers. The cream blush looks interesting I have not tried this product before.

  2. I love the maybelline mascara - one of my favourites! The lip product looks lovely too! :)

    Lovely Jubbly Blog

  3. I went mad for yellow nail varnish last year, love these picks xx

  4. I love red lipstick. Like I just literally can't get enough of it :)
    http://louiseabenamensah.blogspot.co.uk/ xx

  5. Fragrance Direct has been my go-to for nail polish for years but I didn't realise they had ciate - will have to go have a look now!

  6. The yellow nail polish looks SO pretty! <3 <3


  7. Love it, looks really pretty! I would like to invite all the beauty fans to enter my beauty Giveaway - click on my blog to find out how to win this week's prize

    From Aliona With Love

    Competition link here: http://fromalionawithlove.blogspot.co.uk/2014/05/who-wants-to-be-lucky-winner.html

  8. Loving Ciate at the moment... I had the mini mani advent calendar and am utilising all the colours! Do love Elizabeth Arden products too!
    Sim @ Manchester Mummy

  9. I love the yellow nail polish, which reminds me, I never painted my nails yellow for Easter... fail on my part! I love the colour of that lipstick too :)

    Fiona @ www.dollydowsie.com


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