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Today is carrying on the 'jewellery' theme that has been evident in my last few posts. I have made no secret of the fact that I love my jewellery and that I am always shopping around for new bits and pieces. My jewellery taste is rather eclectic from vintage inspired bits to bright statement jewels. I love experimenting with my style and looking for those quirky, unusual items that not everybody has lying around in their jewellery boxes.

One of my favourite jewellery websites is Gemporia (link) the sister site to popular jewellery retailer NOWSEEN. Gemporia believe that 'beautiful jewellery shouldn't cost the earth', therefore all their pieces are at affordable prices and are still of high quality. Many of the items use genuine gemstones and precious metals to make limited edition pieces. Gemporia works closely with The Colourful Life Foundation to aid communities where gemstones are found, educating and supporting them to grow. I really like Gemporia's ethos and their jewellery is simply captivating. Each piece looks extravagant, detailed and classic. Here are my top picks from the website:

Joyce Pink Tourmaline Ring with Topaz in Silver (centre)

I love statement rings and this one is packed full of colour and really draws attention. The ring has a dainty pink tourmaline stone, a white topaz rim and is set on a fine silver brand. One of my favourite colours is pink and this looks beautiful. I would do anything to own this ring.

Teardrop White Topaz bracelet (top left)

This bracelet is simple, yet elegant and has a vintage style that would look wonderful with any outfit. The bracelet features a warm yellow gold plated silver chain and delicately cut white topaz stones.

Midnight Sapphire and White Topaz Earrings  (top right)

Earrings are my guilty pleasure and with the Chanel inspired colours and the intricate design, these studs are pair I would love in my jewellery box.

Rio Grande Lavender Quartz Necklace (bottom left)

I don't wear necklaces that often, but when I do I like them to be pretty, feminine and blend in with my outfit. I love the lavender colour of this quartz gemstone.

Cullinan Topaz Bangle in Gold Flash Sterling Silver (bottom right)

My final wish list item is the Cullinan Topaz bangle. I love woven effect on the inside of the gold flash sterling silver bracelet and the topaz gemstones from Nigeria adds a beautiful sparkle to this piece of jewellery.

Have you shopped at Gemporia before?



  1. The ring is absolutely beautiful, the gem is one of my favourite colours :)
    Megan x | MeganRoisinn

  2. Wow I've never heard of this site before by the looks of it they stock some absolutely beautiful jewellery, thanks for sharing it!! I'll be definitely checking it out...
    Just followed you, If you have chance I'd love you to check out my blog.

    Hannah xx

  3. Wow beautiful jewellery, I love the bangle and the earrings.

  4. They are gorgeous! I love the colours. So pretty. x

  5. Loving the Joyce Pink ring, totally stands out! x


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