Emu Australia Sandals

Imagine a golden beach, blue sea with white little ripples and the sun gleaming on the shoreline. Your feet casually dipped into the soft, silky sand as you walk with ice-cream in hand wearing your favourite sandals. Unfortunately the weather today isn't fabulous and I am nowhere near a beach. The rain is making me dream of faraway shores and all I want is a holiday. 

My desire for a beach holiday was evoked when I was sent this beautiful pair of Emu Australia Sandals to review a few weeks ago. Emu Australia (Link*) is a brand that was established in 1948 and still makes fine sheepskin and merino wool derived shoes over 60 years later. The brand is known more commonly for their sheepskin boots similar to their competitor UGG. Although their sheepskin boots are the brand that made them famous, Emu Australia stock many types of shoes including sandals and slippers. These sandals are my introduction to the brand and so far I really like them. As you can imagine, the British weather has not given me much of an excuse to wear them, but during the odd warmer day we have had, I have managed to take a quick stroll around my garden wearing these. I am not much of a sandal fan, especially sandals that wrap round the large toe. However, I find these extremely comfortable and a delight to wear. The 'ALMA' sandal that retails at £95.00* comes in three different shades and features a comfortable leather footbed and textured detailing on the straps. I do find the price a little steep compared to my average spend on sandals - usually around £10 from Primark, however I truly believe that the quality of these shoes are the reason why they are the comfiest sandals I have worn and if I was walking around for hours on an exotic holiday, comfort would definitely be a factor to consider when purchasing sandals.

Have you tried any shoes from Emu Australia?


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  1. I've never tried any shoes from Emu Australia before. These look gorgeous but are a little bit out of my price range - especially seeing as we only get a few days a year of sandal weather ;). If I knew I'd be travelling abroad a lot though I'd consider investing in a pair xo PolkaDotLemon


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