Boohoo A/W 2014 Press Day

Pastel colours are a trend most commonly associated with spring and summer, but autumn and winter at Boohoo sees the favourite trend carried on all year through. I had the pleasure of visiting London for the day and being able to attend the Boohoo autumn and winter press day, showcasing their upcoming clothing. Needless to say, I was in love with almost every item I saw. From eye-catching pink and yellow faux jackets to the the grungy leather look, Boohoo are catering for everyone this upcoming autumn and winter fashion season.

I am currently in love with cleated shoes. I'm not overly sure I can pull them off, but they look fantastic. The heel not only grabs attention with its striking design, it also provides support for your feet with a chunky platform that levels out the height of your foot. Metallic straps and darker colours are on their way in during the autumn and winter, replacing the current pastel trends we are seeing on the high street today.

One of my next favourite pieces is this beautiful faux leather jacket. If there is one type of clothing I excessively hoard it is leather jackets. They seem to go effortlessly with any outfit and look great day or evening. I have many in my collection, but it would be nice to get a bit of colour and invest in some pinks and blue tones. Pastel faux leather jackets are all over the high street at the moment and are here to stay for quite a long time. Buying a pastel coloured jacket now or in the future will be a worthy fashion investment.

Finally as a self proclaimed 'rock chick' type girl, I love my leather and just as last year saw a lot of leather tops and pants in their autumn collections, the trend is here to stay. I really like how Boohoo have teamed this little leather crop top with a baroque style printed dress. It looks edgy, yet feminine.

With all the wonderful clothes on show, I am really excited for the autumn winter collections coming our way.  But lets not rush things just yet, we still have the summer to cater for.

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  1. I have never ever bought a thing from Boohoo, not really sure it is something for me, but I do love the look of the leather jacket in your photo x

  2. I love the leather jacket, I've never shopped with boohoo but love their stuff I just wish the plus size range had more of it! x

  3. Nice stuff, love it :) and check out my giveaway guys in the last post on my blog xx

  4. Those shoes! OMG they are amazing, not sure if I would be able to walk around in them though....

  5. Gorgeous items! I love winter pastels.
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog too! :) Really enjoying having a read through yours!

    Katie x

  6. It all looks so nice, I never thought that much of them before. Love your blog layout by the way :)


  7. I'm loving the A/w collection! Especially those shoes!! hit ordered a couple of things from boohoo the other day I'm very impressed :)



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