Bloggers Brunch with Secret D'Or

On Saturday morning I was invited to a bloggers brunch organised by company Secret D'Or ahead of Manchester Fashion Week. It was a chance to get to know the team behind Secret D'Or, catch up with lots of friendly Manchester bloggers and discuss the weekends antics. The meeting took place at the Northern Quarter based restaurant Solita and enabled us to chat and dine with Camilla the founder and director of Secret D'Or and their art director Andreea.

Secret D'or is a online platform of premium designer collections curated by the most talented  and unique fashion designers across the world. Secret D'or offers a selection of unique and inspiring pieces where many are one-offs or made-to-order. Secret D'Or enables you to dress in your own individual way and dress out from the crowd.

It was such a lovely meet up with many of Manchesters top bloggers all in the same room. We are feasted on a two course meal provided by the Secret D'Or bunch and the staff at Solita were attentive to our every needs. Solita (link) is an American style restaurant specialising in burgers and fried food - some could say that there is a bit too much fried food on the plates at times. For starter I had the scrumptious and deliciously light Mac and Cheese balls, a different take on the popular dish macaroni cheese. The starter for me was the perfect amount - not too heavy, but rather filling. It was a delight to eat and left me eagerly anticipating the main course.

My main course was the Hallomi burger, something I thought would be relatively healthy compared to their other options, but I am afraid I was rather wrong. The dish tasted wonderful, but with everything deep fried - including the cheese, it was highly calorific and left my stomach is a state of deep fried shock. The portions were large and all the bloggers were left gasping for air by the end of the meal. It somewhat quietened the table as everybody struggled to digest the enormous quantities. Note to self - starve for at least 24 hours before coming here again (joke)...

Whilst dining with the Secret D'Or we were introduced to several of their designers that they stock online. This beautiful patterned bag is one of many handbags designed by an independent designer and it looks like a piece of art. The pattern is gorgeous and the pastel blue accents are currently on trend .

My favourite piece we were shown was this gorgeous scarf by Jenny Collicott. The colours and patterns in these scarves are just gorgeous and they make a great statement piece. Teamed up with a black blazer, white tee and jeans this scarf would really grab attention. Finally we were shown a few exquisite chunky bangles from Flor Amazona. I'm a big fan of jewellery, especially pieces that can grab attention yet look feminine and delicately placed against an outfit. This bangle looked beautiful placed against my prized Michael Kors watch and felt comfortable to wear.

Thank you Secret D'OR for such a great afternoon, it was a pleasure being there.

Have you shopped at Secret D'OR yet?


  1. Firstly I love your MK watch! (GORGEEEE) and it looks like you had a fab day. Your meal was very cheesariffic! I need to network a lot more and try and get into little events like this they look so fun :) That bag is lovely I have a CARAT Clutch which is really similar xx

  2. That burger looks absolutely delicious! How lovely to be invited out to lunch by a company :)

    Fiona @

  3. Sounds like a nice event with some lovely products too.

  4. That sounds like such a fun experience! The food looks amazing and I love that scarf. Lucky you!

  5. Was a fantastic day!
    I now own this gorgeous bangle from their website

  6. It was great to meet you on Saturday and we hope you enjoyed the catwalk later in the evening! Great post. The gorgeous bags featured are from the upcoming collection from Lisa Ryder, an Irish based designer. Her collection is available here: - Great to meet you and speak soon x

  7. All the food looks so yummy! Can't wait to explore more about Manchester xx

  8. The food looks amazing! It'll definitely be added to my places to eat out in the future :) Looks like the event itself was lovely too :) xx

  9. The burger looks amazing! Definitely want to try it xo



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