The Body Shop Hair Chalks

Over the last few months I have become rather bored of my hair and it seems like I have sunken into a style rut. My dilemma is that I am getting married in 7 months time and I daren't dramatically change my hair incase I can't get it the way I would like for my wedding day. I went to the hairdressers three days ago and even the stylist confessed my hair had seen better days - it lacked shape and to be fair I had let my roots get a little bit out of hand. After having my hair cut and quickly grabbing a box of my favourite L'oreal hair colour, I began thinking about what temporary changes I could make to my hair to give it a little bit of life. I firstly thought about getting a fringe, but I know it would be my luck for it not to grow out in time and cause havoc on my wedding day. My second thought was to change my hair colour, but I'm rather fond of my brunette locks and I'm terrified I won't get this colour that I love back. 

After a few hours of pondering and reading about hair products, I came across the concept of 'hair chalks.' I've seen quite a lot of bloggers write about them in the past, but never really considered them myself. I put a tweet out asking where I could buy some fab hair chalks and Jessica from Jessica In Your Ear recommended the Body Shop hair chalk range.

I headed over to The Body Shop a few days later and was delighted to find out that the hair chalks were 3 for 2 and came in at the small price of £10. Unfortunately they only have two colours in their range, so I picked up two pinks and one blue. With my hair being so dark, I was really worried whether the colour would actually show up. I talked to the The Body Shop sales assistant about my worries and she reassured me that they would work. When I got home, I wrapped a towel around my shoulder and quickly applied the pink colour and I was delighted with the results. It took me less than five minutes to temporarily transform my hair and I could wash it out first thing in the morning and my hair would resume to the colour I love. 

I spent a fair amount of time this weekend experimenting with the colours, wearing a different shade each night to work and the colour lasted all night and was gone by the morning. Getting in at 3am and sometimes later from work, I have very little energy to have a shower right away and therefore wait until I wake up in the morning. Waking up the next day, I was happy to find that none of the colour had printed on my white bedsheets, I was falling in love with these products even more each day. These Body Shop Hair Chalks are the best £10 I have spent in a long time, the only thing that lets them down is the fact that there are only two colours, hopefully after the success these hair chalks have been creating, we will be seeing a rainbow of colours available in the future, but right now, I'm happy with my pink and blue.

Have you tried these hair chalks before?


  1. Never tried them before. They look great though. Love the colours

  2. Oh these look like a lot of fun and it's great to see they work on dark hair - i'm going to pick some up for sure :)

    Laura x

  3. I really want to try both of these, they look great :)
    Megan x | MeganRoisinn

  4. Love the colours!! Life is too short for boring hair ;) Great job Jess!


  5. You know I'll always remember when I was a child, getting something similar free in my beloved Girl Talk or Go Girl magazine. It's great that there coming back, it's such a great way to make a change to your hair without going to drastic or living with regret no it washes out so quickly. They look great. I especially, love the purple - You really suit it! x

    Kate | A British Sparkle

  6. I've never heard of hair chalk! I'm like you that I'm so dark that the hairdresser usually has to bleach my hair before dying it another colour! I'm amazed that the colours worked. Brilliant!


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