Supermarket VS High Street Challenge

Knowing where to shop can often be a challenge and because of this, we all tend to stick to our favourite stores. Fashion is a weird world for a woman, you can be anything from a size 8 to a size 12 within the space of three shops without gaining or loosing any weight. Nothing ever seems true to size anymore and we live in a place where shopping although fun, can be rather infuriating. Supermarkets have always been the last place I tended to shop and associated their clothing mainly with mothers who find it easy to grab a dress whilst doing their weekly food shop. In the past, supermarket clothes have been dreary and drab and when it came to the battle between Supermarket and high street, the high street always won. These days it isn't the case. Supermarkets seem to be upping their game in the fashion department and for once, they are becoming neck to neck with some of our favourite high street stores. I wouldn't say I'm thrifty, but I do love the chance to save money and knowing that I can get a dress for a bargain price at supermarket thrills me.

So here's the challenge. Which one of these outfits is supermarket or high street? The first outfit is this wonderfully pink blouse teamed up with a leather jacket and a pair of leather shorts. The pink blouse adds a feminine twist to biker chic.

The second outfit has a mod vibe to it. Checkered shorts, a waterfall leather jacket and a cream top all evoke a sense of fun, yet sophistication. 

The first outfit is high street and the second is supermarket. Outfit number one consists of a blouse from Miss Selfridge, a leather jacket from French Connection and shorts from Topshop. The second one is all from F&F at Tesco. I love both outfits, especially the jackets. I would not expect this comfy waterfall jacket to be from Tescos and the cream top seems very similar to ones I have seen in places like River Island. Supermarkets are fast becoming the place to shop if you love a bargain and the last few months, I have become such a big fan of F&F. This challenge was by Debt Free Direct* and challenge a couple of bloggers to style supermarket and high street clothes to show that clothes from supermarkets can make a great alternative. I shop nearly every week for clothing and if there's a chance I can save a little bit of money, I'm always keen to learn how. I will definitely be shopping more at F&F in the future and trying to keep a look out on all the supermarket trends.

Have you shopped at supermarkets for clothing before?


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  1. what a fab post! There's a real stigma attached to buying clothes in supermarkets, but you can buy really good things in there now! I picked up a cardigan in Tesco and all my friends complimented it saying how nice it was and asked where it was form. They said where's it from, Topshop or Riverisland? And when I said tesco, they didn't believe me! I think it's definitely a nice alternative as opposed to just shopping in a shop because of its name. Fab outfits! xx

    Hannah @ FashionistaDigital


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