Retro Ombre

Right now I'm loving all the playsuits that are currently on the high street. Spring is probably one of my favourite times for fashion. Out come all the beautiful pastel pinks and baby blue colours and everything is transformed into either flower power or 70s inspired soft leathers. Floral patterns are probably one of the most reoccurring themes in my wardrobe as I have a soft spot for anything that looks vintage. This playsuit sent to me by* is currently one of my favourite items and on Instagram and my personal Facebook, it has proved rather popular.

The description of 5Fashion on their website is simply fantastic and does really well to sum up their brand - fun, affordable and style conscious.
"Every once in a while, you witness a friendship that makes you stop in your tracks and think, ‘Whoa, that’s just beautiful..’ and this time around, that friendship goes by the names of Emma, Kellie and Ebony; three Manchester-based companions, the City where it's okay to become intoxicated by fashion, fun and standing out.Graduates in Fashion & Marketing from The University Of Manchester, this friendship, when witnessed, is truly unforgettable and scarce. An eclectic mix, the three bring their own twist in the big world that is Fashion.The last 12 months have been busy for the friends. They have moved away from a major on-line fashion company to collaborate and make their own mark in women’s online fashion.Drawing inspiration from all aspects of fashion, Emma, Kellie and Ebony have taken their experience and launched what we now know as 5Fashion."

The playsuit has a beautiful vintage floral design with cutaway sleeves and ribbon detail at the back. I love how this playsuit gives me a retro inspired hourglass figure and it fits like a dream. Although the playsuit is floral, it has a rock'n'roll vibe and looks a little bit edgy - which suits my personality down to a tee. I teamed this up with my Lavish Alice cut away boots, my Astrid and Miyu chunky necklace and my rose gold watch from River Island. To finish off the look and to give me an edgy, rock'n'roll appeal I wore my favourite ombre half wig extension by Wonderland Wigs.

What is your favourite outfit at the moment?


  1. Ooooh you look beautiful lovely!! I've seen a playsuit similar to this on Missguided and the only thing halting me from buying it was that it was out of stock, damnnnn!!

    Love it :)

    Holly Mixtures

  2. great outfit :))

  3. Such a gorgeous playsuit, you look stunning! xo

  4. Love it Jess, you look gorgeous!x

    Anoushka xxx

  5. You look lovely !!!

  6. You look smoking hot! Love the playsuit and the extensions :) x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life

  7. Your hair is gorgeous! And I love the playsuit :D


  8. Lovely outfit and your hair is perfect :)

    Steph xo | Influence Blog


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