Every Girl Deserves a Halo

Hair extensions have always been one of my go-to confidence building products. Whenever my hair looks limp and lifeless, I can always trust my clip ins, 3/4 wigs and weaves to give me that 'just stepped out of the salon look.' On Sunday I was kindly invited to the Halo Hair event in Manchester to sample their range of hair extensions, be pampered by their team of stylists and of course, like all bloggers do at events - get fat eating lots of cake and in this particular case, macaroons. 

Halo Hair are a British hair extension company that sells a variety of hair extensions online, with their most popular product being the Halo. The Halo is a hair extension piece with a difference - instead of being clipped in, the hair is suspended on a fine thread of plastic that sits on your head like a halo. The hair is then pulled gently through to give you a seamless hair transformation. 

Before attending the event, we were all asked to supply a current photograph so they could match our colour and I was shocked to see how closely matched my hair colour happened to be. Having coloured my hair consistently for the last 9 years, my hair colour is brunette, but has slight undertones of red from colouring straight over bleach blonde. The weft of hair I was supplied with by Halo Hair extensions was a perfect match and once applied, made my hair look natural.

I have worn hair extensions for several years, but honestly I haven't come across hair extensions that feel so light before. The Halo feels so natural, that it almost feels non-existent, it is like walking down the street with your normal styled hair. The hair is soft, easy to style and even though I have only put the hair in once myself so far, I have found it the easiest of all my hair extensions to put in. 

I only discovered Halo hair a few days ago, but I am now hooked and even looking into buying another set to make my hair look even thicker. The Halo has won many awards and once you have tried them for yourself, you can really understand why they are so popular. This blog post is a teaser of my full Halo hair review that will be up hopefully in a few days time. I hope you are excited as I am about the next post.



  1. ooooo looks fab! I would love to go bloggers events like this!

    Lucy xx


  2. I will have to tell my Mum about this, she has think hair and is always looking for exciting new products to help her hair look thicker!

  3. Wonderfull :) I want to buy some extension too :)


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