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Finding the perfect gift for Valentines Day can always be difficult and with all the chocolates, heart hugging teddy bears and red roses on the high street, it is often hard to be original. I like a man who can think outside the box, give me something that has meaning and that isn't afraid to show his romantic side - luckily I have a man like that, but some women aren't that lucky. Sometimes you can be waving a piece of paper in their faces and they still wouldn't get the hint what to buy you. Don't get me wrong, Valentines Day isn't really about presents, but if they aren't going to spoil you all rest of the year, may be this is the best day to do it.

Links of London are giving you the chance to win your own Valentine jewellery wish-list from their site, up to the value of £1,000. You can try win a few items for yourself, grab some jewels to share with a friend or have a go at winning the jewellery for someone special. 

My wish list consists of the 'Night Time Garden Dawn Flower' bracelet, the 'Effervescence Black Mini Pearl' ring, the 'Red Heart' and the 'Owl Graduation' charms. I choose the bracelet because it is floral and allows me to channel my inner hippie and care free side, the ring was chosen because pearls remind me of my grandma and the charms are symbolic of mine and my partners relationship and also mark the year that I am hoping to graduate.


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