Bath time with Baldwins

As a suffer from very achy bones and sore joints, bath times are always my favourite part of the evening and I like to make the most of it by using my favourite products. Usually my bath consists of Radox muscle soak and plenty of Body Shop shower gels. I received the Cranberry Body Shop gift set for Christmas and I have been in love with it. The recent addition to my bath time collection is the Weleda Lavender Soothing Bath Milk,* I have always been a huge fan of Weleda products and it's also Vegan - perfect for guilt free relaxation.

According to the Weleda website:" A long soak in our Lavender Bath Milk is the ideal therapy for mental exhaustion, overstimulation and restlessness. Its harmonising action soothes body and mind, reducing tension and easing restlessness." As a student in my third year of university mental exhaustion is something that I am always suffering from. Long days staring at a computer screen, completing essays and trying to make deadlines is enough to exhaust anybody. Add a blog, a part time job and the current moving house situation and that is a lot of stress. I've always liked Lavender and like many, I have always believed in its calming qualities. This Weleda bath soak soothes my body, eases my mind and makes me feel like I can drift off into clouds of lavender. This can be bought from Baldwins at £11.95, which is a pound cheaper than the actual store - to quote Tesco's 'every little helps.'

The second product added to my recent bath time regime is the Harmonising Bath Oil*, by Baldwins. The Harmonising Bath Oil has essence of Lavender, Marjoram and Geranium blended into bath oil that according to Baldwins offers to 'soothe, restore and balance the system.' This product is a delight to use - it smells wonderful, makes the bath water irresistibly soft and it has helped relax me. I have only used this once, so I would probably need to use it a fair few times to see if there are any additional benefits, but so far this product has lived up to its promises. This product is yet again, from Baldwins who have been purveyors of natural products since 1844. Which that much experience, you can trust their products are pretty good.

What are your favourite bath time products?


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