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I have always been a fan of candles and love nothing more than a night listening to my vinyl 
player surrounded by incense and candlelight. It's my perfect idea of relaxation. A few of my first dates with my fiance consisted of a candlelit room and listening to the Beatles on Vinyl. We stayed up all evening talking about all the things we have in common and often these days we reflect back on those nights. I find that candles provide the ideal atmosphere for romance. There's something sensual about the sweet aromas in the eye and the light gently flickering in the distance and the warmth making you feel all snuggly and cosy. I've always been a fan of candles and so was my auntie - we used to spend phone calls discussing our collection and making it a competition who can get the most. She had a passion for collecting soaps, she had hundreds. It was me who used to win in the candle department. Unfortunately she died last year, but when I light candles I'm always reminded of her.

It's funny how candles can evoke such strong feelings and memories and this is why candles are exactly what you need on Valentines Day. They can calm and relax you, make everything feel at ease and most importantly, they look and smell fabulous. The latest candles added to my collection are the Marie Reynolds Ti Amo Duo*, a limited edition set brought out for Valentines Day. 

Marie Reynolds Candles

The Ti Amo Duo arrive beautifully packaged in a white ribbon tied box and when you open the lid, you are greeted with pretty pink tissue paper and the most delicately fragranced white candles. As soon as you open the box you smell the blend of champagne and blackcurrant Passion candle- it smells so good, you would want to eat it if it was edible and the Ylang Ylang, Neroli and Bergamot scents of the Indulge. Both of the candles also contain Moroccan argan oil and shea butter, which when melted can be used as a body moisturiser,  massage oil or droplets for a luxury bath.

The creator behind these candles is Marie Reynolds, a Beauty Therapist for over 20 years specialising in the finest skin and body care products. If you don't believe me about how wonderful these products are, you may trust the professional.


When it comes to expressing my thoughts on these candles, I'm speechless and not in a bad way. I can not conjure up words good enough at describing these beauties. Candles that not only smell fantastic and look fantastic, they also double up a skincare treatment - I think it's love.

The pair can be bought for £30.95 from http://www.mrlcandles.com/

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  1. You make the smell of these sound so good (if that even makes sense!) I love candles as you well know! :) x x



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