Roxy Ball Room Leeds

Yesterday was a really busy blogging day for me. Having spent most the day in Manchester helping out at the Empty Shop, I was then invited to Leeds to check out a new bar called The Roxy Ball Room. The Roxy Ball Room is an American style bar on the second floor of an old building in Leeds City centre. Before going to the bar, I had done no prior research and hadn't got a clue what to expect...apart from the brief hinting of ping pong balls. 

The Roxy Ball Room is located above the Cafe Nero within great proximity to the train station, so those wondering about having a few drinks, but fear missing the train, it's the perfect location. Admittedly walking up the initial stairs it feels like you are walking into a seedy type of bar. The entrance is on a side street and the stairs don't give much away about the venue. Once I actually entered the room, my opinion dramatically changed. I was confronted by all these huge pool tables, a quirky style bar and the most ambient room lights. I was already allured by the atmosphere of this bar, before having my first drink. My initial thoughts? My partner would definitely like this place.

The bar is a little bit unconventional, having the beer behind the bar rather than on taps right in front of you. I like it. It makes the bar look more spacious,  you can see the bartender serving the drinks without having to bob your head too and throw and all in all, it was really well laid out.

Throughout the evening, we were treated to beautiful cocktails, wine and had access to the VIP lounge where we played ping pong whilst heavily under the influence of alcohol.  Honestly, add a bit of alcohol to a ping pong game and it can become quite aggressive. We had balls flying everywhere. During the evening, we also had a pep talk by the manager of The Roxy Ball Room. I enjoyed hearing about his plans and ambitions, how The Roxy Ball Room came about and his passion for this bar. He also showed us the new Roxy Ball Room menu which will be in action from Thursday this week. The menu consists of lots of doughy delights such as Pizzas and dough balls - true American style.

It was also lovely to meet lots of fabulous bloggers and meet the PR girls helping out with the Roxy Ball Room. I don't think I have belly laughed so much. The Roxy Ball Room has left me with an appetite for ping pong games and cocktails and although my experience of the Roxy Ball Room was rather short, I actually can't wait to go back and bring my man with me too.

Have you been to The Roxy Ball Room?



  1. Looks like an awesome place and sounds like a great night was had by all! sorry to have missed it x

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